Monday, February 1, 2010

Mephibosheth...not really

Did ya see my title?!? How would you like to have a name like that?!? That's who we learned about in our youth bible devotional tonight. It was funny to hear little kiddos trying their best to pronounce this baby right. I forgot my camera, and Rachel forgot hers too. I planned to blog about this and post pictures because I think it's just a great thing that were doing for the little guys. But, oh well. Maybe next week I'll remember the camera. I would blog about it now...but my short term memory is kind of...well...short. Pictures help me tell my story. No pictures = no "story"...sad, I know.

On the other hand, the little D side of the other hand. We took a trip to Wal-mart today to pick up supplies for next weeks devotional. It is going to be about "love" of course. We will be making valentines for the elderly and the shut-ins. I love buying artsy supplies!!! It just makes my day. Anyway, the first thing little d spotted was...can you guess???

If you said Woody and Buzz valentines, you guessed it! They were sure to put them down on the bottom row, right where she could reach em'. This, by the way is how I get her to pose for pictures. She shows me the "most awesome" thing, and I "take a picture of it". Does anyone else have a camera shy tot? or is it just me? Check out her attire as well. A sweet student gave her this for Christmas last year. It has become my all time favorite. Were hoping that if she is a "blond" that we can at least get her some scholarships for being a "life long fan" slash mascot slash cutest lil' Harding cheerleader EVER!!!!

Hehehe...tomorrow I'm going "Quilting" with the ladies from the church. Wanna guess what were doing? I'll tell you tomorrow...if I remember my camera ;)

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