Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Date

Today, my hubby and I got to go on an all day Valentines date!!! Our wonderful sister in christ, Cindy, came to our house and watched all three d's so that we could share this day together. Aren't people like her wonderful? She was willing to spend nine straight hours with our d's. She was also willing to watch them knowing that one of my precious d's bit...sickish.

Steven and I rarely get the chance to date each other anymore. Life with our 3d's can be very demanding. With Valentines day falling on a Sunday this year and with Steven being a preacher, I planned ahead (yay for me!!! this never happens).

We were so excited about this date. We decided to go shopping for our selves, see a movie, and eat somewhere without a drive-thru. You know, make it a romantic, selfish, and kid free kind of day.

Do you know what we did? The first place we went was Target (my favorite). Do you know what we purchased at Target? Valentines day stuff for the kiddos. After Target we went to the Mall. Do you know where we went in the mall? To the Childrens place of course. We had to look for Easter dresses for the girly d's. And then we went to Hobby Lobby. What for? More Valentines day stuff for the kids. Do you know what movie we saw? We didnt! With the exception of the Princess and the Frog, we don't have a clue what any of them are about. Oh, I left out the part where we went to books-a-million and searched for comic books that might be on a middle d level. We did manage to make it to Red Lobster though. Steven ordered crab legs, and that made me miss Big D. She and Steven always share them and joke about eating "someones hands". The whole way home we talked about our d's and how there just growing up right before our eyes, and how sad we were because of it. We were so excited to get home to our "babies" and hold them. That was my favorite part of the day, all of the "mommieeeeeeees" I got when I got home.

Thank you Cindy. You provided us with a much needed day to be selfish and kid-free!...kind of ;)

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