Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweetheart banquet part 2

Where did I leave off??? Shaving?

After shaving, we played a game like fluffy bunny. Our youth stuffed in one marshmallow at a time followed by the word Mephibosheth. There are no pictures of this because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to snap a shot. We also played this with the youth. We hid 5 m&m's on a plate and covered it with whipped cream. The object was to find all five not using your hands.


The newly wed game was a hoot! We had lots and lots of fun with this one. I feel like I know my brothers and sisters in Christ alot better now.

Ladies sat on one side...

Gentlemen sat on the other. Is it me? or do they look really nervous?

I don't remember laughing this much in a very long time. It seemed like every answer to every question was hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites...

What color is your wives tooth brush?
Husband answered: "white"
Wife answered: "C, you know we don't have toothbrushes because we have false teeth!"

What was your most memorable embarrassing moment?
Wife answered: I don't remember having one"
Husband went on to tell a story about how one day wife intentionally sowed the fly to his undies together :)

Where did you and your spouse meet?
Wife answered: I got my husband on lay a way at wal-mart (that's where he worked)

What is your wife's favorite flower?
Husband: what ever is cheapest!

What was the worst anniversary gift?
Wife: "probably the iron!"

Best anniversary gift?
Husband replied: After 31 years of marriage, I finally bought her a diamond she could see!"

How did you know she was the one?
Husband starts story off: "Well this one night when we went parking..."

Those are just a handful of what kept me rolling to the point of tears. Everyone played well and had a great sense of humer. At the end of the night, we crowned our 2010 reigning King and Queen truly wed R & C W.

Oh! I almost forgot! Let me introduce you to the "most important" team
A and Middle D.

These little guys had such important jobs and took them very seriously. They were in charge of handing out salt and pepper shakers, toothpicks, salad dressing, napkins, and appetizers. They were busy little bees. And, a great contribution to our night going as smooth as it did. I dubbed them "the most important team" so that they would feel special and important, and in the end, they were. I'm so very proud of these two five year olds for doing such an outstanding job!

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  1. Those answers are HILARIOUS!!! so much fun! We need to do this sometime!