Sunday, February 7, 2010


Tonight, while the rest of the world was busy watching the super bowl. My hubby and I were busy "hosting" our favorite friends, Randy and Cindy and there super sweet daughter, (d)eanna, and her sweet boyfriend thing Ronnie. I've always considered the fact that we might be nerds, but tonight was definitely a major eye opener for me. We excitedly, voluntarily, enthusiastically, played Scrabble! Actually the four of us girls played scrabble, and I think the boys Anyway, I had a blast! Rachel, is the greatest word-maker-upper in the world!!! And "company d" gave me a run for my money. We were neck and nect the entire game. She beat me by 8 points though...sad. I could ramble on and on about this super fun night, but I would just be proving my title more and more...I'm a nerd :P

Here's a pic for you. It's totally unrelated to my nerd fest I had tonight, but it sure is cute.

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