Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diamonds random Jesus song

This is Diamonds song about Jesus. She sings it to the tune of Jesus loves me, The B-I-B-L-E, and twinkle twinkle little star. It goes something like this.

Jeshush!!! I love Meeeeee! I love Youuuuuuu! E-L-E!!! Daddy Mommy love you and me. I loveeeeee bible and star! world so high!!! B-I-B-I so high! Oh, I love bible and Jeshush! and the light, its mine!!!

Thats all I can remember. It has a lot more words. They vary from day to day. Isnt it just the sweetest thing?!?! This is her first song, its a song for Jesus...and her mommy and daddy. I just wonder how Jesus feels when he hears those sweet little words coming from that sweet lil tot?!?!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's really not my thing, but I try

It rained ice thursday night...not my thing.

School was cancelled friday day...unexpected day iced in with my 3d's. The good news is that Daddy didn't go to work :D We shared an extra day together. Yatzee is taken very seriously around here. Little D is very good at this...kind of.

It snowed Friday night...not my thing.

I got our D's ready and we took them out to play...I detest snow (its not my thing).But my girly d's certianly are my thing. Just look at those sweet lil' faces. I could just eat 'em up! By the way, santa hats are most useful when you seem to have uh? er?!...misplaced your bogin.

I don't want this to end. I want my 3d's to always look up to and follow him. He is such an amazing and wonderful Daddy.

The battery in my camera died after 5 or so pictures...really not my thing.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

3D Therapy

Today has been such an emotional day for me. I don't know why. I'm trying to figure it out. So far, nothing. I didn't feel like getting up today. I didn't feel like being a 3D Mommy. I didn't feel like existing. It was just one of those days, ya know?!

As I was listening to my darling d's all play together. I couldn't help but feel anything but pure happiness. I am so blessed. I am sooo lucky. I have three healthy D's. They're all so beautiful, and perfect in every way. God has given me such an amazing gift. So often do I take this beautiful gift for granted. So often do I sush them off to their bed rooms to "play quietly"....Any way, I decided to play along with them instead of shushing them off. And, it was so much fun. I feel like existing again. I want to be a mommy to my 3d's again. They are such great therapy. Here are some pics of my "therapy session".
My girly d's sportin' spongebob

Shes learning to be "scarry" from the best!

...Maybe he was a lil' too scarry... maybe from now on, we'll just be silly...

Yeah, sweet and silly ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The cutest middle d quote

middle D: "mommy, today I jumped so high I almost touched the moon."

Me: "Really?!? "

Middle D: "yeah, it was awsome!"

Me: "Well, let me know when you do. I wanna tell people."

middle D: "Okay." "It'll probably be tomorrow, I've been practicing alot!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oklahoma....blahuuurrrppp all over the car!!!

Steven left to go to Y.O.U early this morning. It was just me and the kiddos and a whole bunch of ugly, cold rain. I hate rainy days! We decided to road-trip-it to Oklahoma!!! I don't know why, maybe it's because we've never traveled in that direction before. I packed a bag full of pop-tarts, brownies, marshmallows, apple juice, chips, diapers and napkins. Did you notice the last item??? Napkins??? Not wipes!!! What is wrong with me? How could I leave out such an important item? Since Steven was absent, I'll just blame it on him. We swung by the sweetest little lady in the world's (Miss Mary)house and picked her up for the ride. Off we went!!! When we were...i dunno...somewhere in the middle of no where...maybe in the middle of the reservation. Little D, uggh, threw up all over herself and the back seat. NAPKINS!!! I packed napkins?!?!?! There was no where to pull over, it was pouring freezing cold rain! I pulled over to assess the situation and it was worse than I had expected. Little d and her car seat needed a water hose! I got back in the car and drove for a couple of miles trying to find a gas station. Guess what? No such luck. I pulled over, got out in the pouring rain again and tried my best to clean her and her seat up as much as possible. Poor Miss Mary thought she was gonna be sick too :( She did her best to help me. She handed me all of her Kleenex's. Even the one she was using to cover her poor nose with. Thankfully I had a change of clothes for her, all except for socks and shoes anyway. We eventually ended up at our new destination, Wal-mart. We got everything we needed to clean and "disinfect" the car and went home. As soon as we got home I put a whole pack of wipes, a towel, a bag, and disinfecting wipes in the back of the car. We are "ready" for next time. By the way, she hadn't eaten any of the snacks I brought, so that wasn't what brought this on. I didn't take any pics of this disaster. I didn't want Miss Mary to think that I'd completely lost my mind. Napkins?!? I packed napkins?!?!

Friday, January 22, 2010

7 points!

Friday I received big Ds report card. Her grades looked great, just as I had expected. She got a 96 in Reading/Lit. She got an 89 in math (up 5ish or so points from the last nine weeks). 95 in art, music, gym...83 for behavior! Yes, 83 in behavior! I almost fell in the floor! How in the world does a 7 year olds behavior drop 7 points in nine weeks?!?! That's almost a point per week!?!

Before I call, I always write a note and try to resolve the situation w/out going to the school and making it an even bigger deal. I wrote to Mrs. S and asked why in the world my childs behavior was almost a C?
Big D came home and told me that Mrs. S wasn't going to write a note to tell me, that she could just tell me herself...and she told me what she did to have her behavior grade drop seven points in 9 weeks. She said "I told another student her butt stinks." I said "and?" She said "and it was in front of another parent." I said "and?" She said "thats all." She told me the whole story. She and her friend "A" were joking and were trying to one-up the other. She thought it would be simply Hilarious if she were to yell it at her best friend when her mom came to pick her up...blah, blah...there still best friends.

Sadly, I didn't believe my own daughter, accused her of lying and demanded that Mrs.S send a note home or schedule a ptc. Today I received a note from Mrs. S, and this is what it said:

Kimberly, Devan is a sweet, precious, little girl. She is a good student and tries to do her best most of the time. We all make a decision to do something we wish we had done differently after the fact. That is what Devan has done. She said that she has told you about the main incident. I did not make a big deal out of it because it was the time that you were gone to Georgia. She handled that very well most of the time but once in a while it bothered her enough that she acted out school. I tried to give her lots of extra attention. Sometimes she doesn't know when to stop the silliness. She is well behaved and has obviously been taught how to act at school. Thank you very much. She is mannerly and plays well with the other kids. I understand your concern but I'm sure there won't be any more problems. If there are I will let you know. Thank you for your note, Mrs. S

...Okay, so one incident dropped my little girls grade 7 points??? One incident that happened because I was away and she missed me??? Nope! I don't think so! This grade will be up for debate Monday morning. She described my daughter as a model student and gave her an 83 for behavior? Jeez, what did the other kids get? Just sayin'

It's potty time!!!

Steven and I bought a potty seat for little D about a week ago. We let her pick it out and hold it while shopping. She carried it to the car, and inside the house. Steven helped her put it on the potty and then sat her on it. She thought it was the neatest thing and immediately asked for a wipe! Who knew? We also bought her big girl panties. She loves to wear them and show them to big D. She's always so proud when shes wearing her big girl panties. We don't let her wear them long 5 or 10 minutes at a time, so the new don't wear off anytime soon. She won't be 2 until mid March, were not pushing the potty. She on the other hand, is. This morning while I was picking up the rest of the house, little D was quiet. I didn't hear the pitter patter of her little feet running up and down the hall. I didn't hear her dancing in the living room. I didn't hear the usual cheering for Woody and Buzz. I decided to check in on her. Where did I find her?

In the bathroom! She put her potty seat on the potty all by herself! I said "Diamond what are you doing?" She replied, "Mommy, I go potty, I get a wipe, I say bye-bye pee-pee." I was so proud!!!...and sad. Not only was that the longest sentence she has ever said, but she is potty training herself! She's not waiting on me to decide that it's time. My baby turned into a walking, talking, almost potty-using toddler!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She dressed herself

Little D obviously decided that she didn't like what I dressed her in. She was tired of wearing her clothes. They were no longer interesting. Also, mommy scolded her every time she took everything out of her own drawers. She thought she'd look through Middle D's clothes to see what he had. She had to dig through three drawers to find the perfect outfit!!!

She thought she had found the perfect one. She tried it on. She sorted through the rest of her many choices to make sure that she'd made the right decision. She narrowed it down to two vests and a pair of shorts.

After much debate, she decided that the one she was wearing was the perfect one. As she looked around while wearing her brand new outfit, she seen what a terrible mess she'd made. She thought she'd be nice and clean up the mess she made by putting his clothes back in his drawer nice and neat, just as she had found them. She is such a sweet and creative little girl *sigh*.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing my 3D's

I'm not sure how the bloggin introduction goes, but I thought I would introduce you to my 3D's.

I'll start with "big D". Devan, she's a mini-me, complete with the attitude and the short temper. She's the akward age of 7 and is in second grade. She loves weekends, littlest petshop, reading "chaper books", shoes, purses, and coordinating outfits with her little sis. She loves to wear dresses while playing in the mud. She's a pretty pink princess that fights off evil intruding dragons with her brother. Ooh, and my favorite part...shes a proud mommys girl.

Coming next in line would be "middle D". Dominick, our only son. Our poor little boy stuck in the middle of two girls. He is at the beautiful age of 5 and is in kindergarten. He loves school, watching movies, legos, eating junk food, and late bedtimes. He is a compulsive button pusher, rope puller, unwrapper, busy handed little boy. I think I tell him to keep his hands together as much as I tell him that I love him, and that is alot!

Last but definitely not least is "little D". Diamond our baby girl...well, yeah baby girl. She is at the curious/chatty age of 22 months. She enjoys Toy Story, Woody, Buzz, coloring woody and buzz, strolling woody and buzz around in her stroller, being Woody, wearing "woodys hat", giving woody and buzz bottles and puting them "night night"...I think you see where i'm going with this. There is one other thing is this world that captures little D's interest and that is Dancer, our new "kitty". She tries to make "kitty" watch "we and boze" with her, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. She also put "kitty" in her "we/boze" suitcase and zipped her up...didn't go over very well. Right now little D lives in a toy story world, we miss her and are anxiously awaiting her "return".

There you go, that's my 3d's in a nutshell. They are each so different in everyway, and I wouldn't have it any other.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blogging nightmare

I have viewed and read many, many blogs in the past couple of weeks. I've really enjoyed some and really...not enjoyed others. I thought blogging would be something easy to get started. Boy was I ever wrong!!! I have been on my computer for an hour now just trying to figure it all out! I've decided to give up and try again later today, but not without posting my very first blog! Sad, I didn't ever think that I would first blog about blogging, but hey, we've all got to start somewhere right?

Today, by the way has been superb! All three of my D's are napping :) That is something that rarely happens in this house. Trying to talk a seven, five, and almost two year old into napping is about as easy as trying to talk them all into eating boiled cabbage. YUCK! Needless to say, right now I'm a happy mommy! Quiet time is always much appreciated.