Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes I feel bad for sending my d's to public school. I miss 6 hours of their lives five days a week, 9 months out of the year. So far, public school has not been a negative experience for my children. They are educated and have lots of friends. Along with education, they have the greatest little stories to share with me. Every day that I drop them off, I tell them to do something to make me proud. And when I pick them up, I ask them what they did. Sometimes it's something as simple as choosing white milk over chocolate milk, but there always super excited about telling me what they did. Every day, I miss them...but am sooo excited to see them when they come home. And days like today, It is definitely a justified decision.

This is big d's best friend "C"

This is middle d's best friend "D"...sticking to his own letter :)

And this is "B". I decided today that middle d will marry her when they grow up. She is cute, sweet, pretty, adorable, precious, name it, she is it.

Today I am all for public primary and elementary school. But, when my d's reach middle and high school, my decision may change. Right now, I'm just enjoying them, enjoying themselves while learning.

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