Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going "solo" with Rachels Nikon D40

Just in case you were wondering, I use a Nikon D40 to photograph my children. It's my sister-in-laws camera. She so graciously lets me use it whenever I feel the urge to take pics...which is all of the time. I ALWAYS use the automatic setting on the camera. Although it is a wonderful camera, when it is on the automatic setting, its about as useful as my ole point and shoot. Well, actually, the pictures have better quality, but it still isn't...hmmmmm, what I would like it to be.

Today (yesterday actually), I decided to abandon the automatic setting and go off on a f stop, shutter speed, iso, white something or the other adventure. I have decided to replace all of the time I spend on facebook (thank you Kristen for helping me realize that I to spent too much time on line) with this camera and my darling d's...and my most patient, awesome, wonderful, deserving husband. Today, my pictures were kind of a disaster, but not too bad for my first day. I am ordering a book called Nikon D40 for dummies, lots of people have said it was very useful. If anyone has any tips, please, please, please!!!! feel free to add them to my comments.

And, I know that this one is way too dark. But look what little d can do!!! She can balance her baby on her head!!! Can you???

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