Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow! What else would it be???

Did I ever mention that I hated snow? Well, I do. I can't stand the stuff. Snow just means that it's cold enough to do that, and I HATE cold! I am a straight up summer time girl. I am one of those who love it when the temperature hits three digits. I know, weird?! This makes it a little er? hmm?! hard on my Ds to to outside to play in this repulsive stuff. I'm usually not ever up for it.

But, I guess thats why God gave them a mommy and a daddy. Steven doesn't detest the stuff like I do. He gets excited right along with the kids. Snow means he doesn't have to go to the office. Snow means he gets to sleep in. Snow means he gets to spend (most of the time) one on one time with the d's because I'm not going out there! And thats what he did. Took big d outside into the cold, white, mushy stuff. Middle d and Little d were napping. Anyway, look what they did...


  1. Way to go Steven! I am with you though Kimberly. I hate snow. I did take Benjamin out yesterday and today thought since it was his first experience. From now on I think unless I am taking pictures, I will just stay inside.

  2. Just think, if global warming were real you would never have to deal with the stuff......