Tuesday, August 31, 2010

here and there and everywhere

The title says it all!

That's where we have been the past week or so!  I'm pretty sure I'm exhausted!

The weekend before last we took our last youth group trip to Magic Springs.  It was kind of a bitter sweet type of thing.  I was happy that Steven wouldn't be busing teenagers two hours away from home and stressing over keeping tabs on everyone and their where abouts, but at the same time, I was kind of sad that we wouldn't be busing loud singing teenagers two hours away from home anymore.  I was kind of sad that I wouldn't be sitting in the front seat right beside him passing out bread, chips, cheese, meat, pies, and fetching specific drinks from the cooler. I kind of liked being his "teenager feeding sidekick"!   Like I said, bittersweet.

Big D has been diligently practicing all of her cheers and dances.  She's definitely not insecure about cheering anymore.  She is happiest in "cheerleader mode".  And she has made lots of new friends in the process of this "cheer" thing.  I think we made the right decision when it came to Big D and cheering.  She had her first game Saturday.  She was amazing!...and oh so beautiful!  I regret bawling my eyes out and not taking as many pictures as I should have.  Life goes on though.

Middle D lost another tooth last night!  That's two in a month!   We/he lost his first tooth and I found it last night.  I put it in an envelop and addressed it to the tooth fairy and called him to come and put it under his pillow.   He asked me to check on his other loose teeth (he has THREE more!!) and when I did, it practically fell into my hands!  We put both of them under his pillow last night...and five whole dollars later Middle D is a happy little man : )   Toothless man that is!

Little D finger painted for the first time today!  I'm pretty sure she will be happy to use a brush next time.  She was utterly disgusted with the paint on her fingers and demanded I get her a "big towel"!  She was also really upset when she got it on her apron.  I'm guessing she thought it was some kind of disease and it was just spreading everywhere! lol!  Crazy kid!  She cracks me up!

Big D also participated in her first parade today.  I've figured it out.  Our little town celebrates everything.  She rode in the "fair parade".  Again, I didn't snap many pictures because I tend to cry alot when I'm proud of my babies and it's hard to focus.  Middle D and little d had the most wonderful time trying to beat up other kids for the broken,  shattered suckers and hard candy that they throw out at parades.  Why hard candy anyway?  Wouldn't you want to throw candy that kids actually want to eat?!...Just sayin!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

school daze

School started back today : )  So first and foremost, let me introduce you to third grade version of Big D and first grade version of middle D.

Middle d also lost his first tooth this morning.  He asked me to check it.  I told him it was ready and asked him if he'd like me to pull it.  He hesitantly told me that I could try.  I pushed back one time and it just fell out : )  I think he's gonna be good at this first grade thing.  I mean look, he's loosing teeth on the first day!  He tried to take it to school with him so that he could show it off but I talked him out of it  with a quick "what are you gonna do if you loose it?  You won't get any money from the tooth fairy".  That was all it took and he left it at home safe and sound.

Oh, look, my very first on purpose silhouette!  This makes me happy!  I'm sure it has all kinds of errors...and power lines, but it's mine : )  and I love it : )

Here's one of just Big D.  It's not as neat but it's still pretty!

It isn't perfect...but it sure is fun!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

small town stuff

Yesterday, we were invited to a parade....a rodeo parade...

Have YOU ever been to a rodeo parade?!

Well, I certainly can't say that I haven't anymore.

Does this mean that we have officially been initiated to the western culture?!

I think so :o)

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I took Big D to her second cheer practice yesterday.  She seemed much more comfortable with the whole thing, and that made me more comfortable it...and yes that matters : )

She has memorized about 10 cheers and one dance so far.  Which is pretty good for a first timer if you ask me.

One of the dances they are doing is to a song by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris.  I'm sure that you all are familiar with it,  BABY.  They dance through all of it except for Luda's rap solo.  When he starts "rapping"  there really not sure what to do. 

Well, I can't say "they" because Big D certainly knew what to do.  Rap along with him of course!

She pulled her swagger out and just let her shyness fly out the window.  I died laughing along with everyone else because...well...picture an eight year old little white girl impersonating Ludacris.  She knew all of the words too!    When she was finished with her "solo" she just fell to the ground laughing (maybe with embarrassment...i don't know).  My confidence in "cheerleader Big D" is much better.  I was so afraid that she would be that shy thing that absolutely hated it!  But....well...all it took was a lesson from Ludacris....and like I said, she threw shy out the window : )

"When I was 13, I had my first love..."
Happy Tuesday Everyone : )

Friday, August 6, 2010

we made a tutu!

I know that there is some kind of "spoken" rule in the "magical parenting book"  that says that we are not our childrens friends.  Instead, we are there parents.   We love them and nurture them, and if you're like me you spend every possible minute of every day with them.

I live by this  "i'm you're parent, not you're friend" rule. 

Atleast I like to say that I do.  But on days like this one, reality kicks in, and I realize that....

This little girl, is one of my very best friends!

 And I'm okay with that!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a bit too much

The past few days have been very extremely busy for us.

Saturday, a friend and I took a short trip to Little Rock to pick up a friend of ours that was in need.  Our short trip only took TWELVE hours.

Sunday, my friend, little d, and myself road tripped it to an undisclosed location in ... an undisclosed location, so that we could take our friend in need to a safe place.  This trip only took about ELEVEN hours.

Monday, Steven, myself, and twelve members of the youth group all piled in the church van and headed to the most magical place in Arkansas, Magic Springs.  Have I ever mentioned that place living up to it's name?  Well, it certainly does.  With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, Magic springs was the perfect place to be.

Seriously.  Who needs a real beach when they provide one for you?!  I remember closing my eyes and forgetting where I was!  I could hear children laughing, waves crashing, and smell banana boat sunblock.  It was beach baby.  Pure beach!...without the too hot sand anyway :)   ....We left at 9 a.m. and we got home at around 10 p.m.  A refreshing, exhausting, relaxing, extremely long day.

I didn't snap very many pictures cuz I took the wrong memory card and it was full :(

But here's a funny one.  See, at Magic Springs you can walk around with a pretty pink princess cape and still hold on to all of your masculinity :)  And that my dear, is magic ;)

Happy Tuesday everyone!