Monday, February 8, 2010

what plans????

Today, I had plans. I had plans to rise and shine early, get all 3d's ready, drop the two oldest off at school, drop my Steven off at the church building, take little d to the doctor, call astra zeneca and argue my "prescription savings plan" with them, go valentine shopping at wal-mart while waiting to pick up a prescription, pick up Steven from the office and have a nice lunch out with him, pick up my d's a little early, take them home and fill out valentines for their class mates, bathe and feed everyone, load them back up, take them to the devotional, make valentines for the elderly and shut ins, make valentine boxes with the youth, come back home, shush the kiddos off to bed, and spend the rest of the "quiet" evening with my super sweet hubby...

Nature had different plans. I thought it odd this morning when I walked outside to crank the car and it looked like it had snowed, and then rained on top of it. It was even more strange when I was driving on the highway and cars were passing me with like two inches of snow piled on their roofs. It was pouring rain. I must've missed something somewhere along the way. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention to anything else around me and I was just focusing on my "plan" By the time I dropped Steven off at the building, it was snowing big huge flakes!!! Odd, when I left it was raining and 10 minutes later it was snowing!?!? Anyway, when I got home I called the doctors office, discussed little d's problems with the receptionist, she scheduled me an appointment at 1:45 but also warned me that the office would close early if school closed early. She put me on hold, and came back 10 seconds later to tell me that school was going to be released at 10:30! Do the appointment today. She suggested that I take little d to the E.R., that is soooo not my favorite place to be. I decided to wait until tomorrow and schedule an appointment with the doctor instead. Not that E.R.s are bad or anything, I just don't want to traumatize my daughter at such a young age. She needs personal, one on one, care.
I picked up my d's and went to walmart anyway. We decided to write out valentines AND make candy bags. We used team work and got it done in an astonishing 4 (yes 4) hours. Little d, only made it through about 1 of those hours. She decided she would take her motrined/cough syrup up'ed self and watch some good ole' "We buzh Yightyeah"...

We worked on the valentines for a little while longer, and had some great conversation. I enjoyed them sooo much. These unexpected, unplanned snow days sometimes take me by surprise...sometimes a not so pleasant surprise. But today was a day that I embraced my privilege of being a 3d mommy and gave it all I had...

with a HUGE success!!! I love them! Love, love, love them!!!

By the way, check out middle d's super sweet handwriting. Love it!!!

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