Friday, August 15, 2014

Yes day

Yesterday, we celebrated our first annual "Yes day!"

If you're anything like I am and you don't have a clue what Yes Day is, let me fill you in.  It's exactly what it sounds like.  Eliminate No from your vocabulary for the day and roll with yes.  I had two rules for Yes Day.

1.) You may not ask for money.
2.) You may not ask for toys.

Honestly, I was hesitant about declaring Yes Day in our home.  I won't say who, but a certain someone tends to take advantage of situations similar to this and he they really know how to push me to my breaking point.  I was also afraid that I would be driving all over the city.  I mean, Toys R Us is right down the road from us, so is the pool, Chuck E Cheeses, and plenty of other places where a kid can be a kid.  But they weren't like that at all.  They asked for things like rice krispy treats for breakfast and second breakfast (They're hobbits, I suppose).

Can we play with my Elefun? 
Can we play with both of my Elefun's?
Can we play with play doh?
Can we play with play doh in the kitchen?
Can we have a snack, play with play doh in the kitchen and watch a movie on the lap top?
Yes? (my kids are weird)
Can I eat in my room?
Can I play on my Kindle?
Can I play with my barbies on the porch?
Can I clean out the car?
Can I eat this pie?
Can I eat two pies?
Can I write my name on my school stuff?
Can I clean the table off?
Can you fix my hair?
Can I watch this movie with you?
Can I wear my new shoes to volley ball practice?
Can I wear my new shoes to open house?
Can we go to my class first?
Will you read this to me?
Can I help you with that?

Photo: Open house tonight. Also, Dani is the cutest toddler ever!! #dominickjulius #diamondkyleigh #danikalifornia

I was pleasantly surprised by what they asked for.  No one asked to go anywhere!  I'm not sure if it's because they didn't want to push their limits or what, but it was nice.  It felt good to say yes!  I didn't realize just how many things that I said no to!  And no, I don't normally turn down help but I always say no to rice krispy treats for breakfast and new shoes are never worn before the first day of school.  New shoes are to get them super pumped for the first day of school.  It was sweet to see the twinkle in their eyes when I replied yes to every thing they cautiously asked.    

If you're a strict Mama like me and you haven't given Yes day a shot, you definitely should.  It was the easiest day of my year and yes, my kiddos ate more than the normal amount of sugar and I need to mop my kitchen floor because of the massive amounts of play-doh resin that's smeared all over it and Dani ate like three crayons (all purple ones) and a few rainbow loom bands because I said yes to doing those activities in their bedroom but, we're all still alive, today.

The best thing about Yes Day? My kiddos woke up with a great attitude this morning.  They didn't ask for rice krispy treats for breakfast and they know that there will be chores and normal bedtime, but they are cheerful and can't stop talking about just how much they loved Yes Day!  And that, my friends, is success!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer lovin' had me a blast

Kids, can we talk about this summer?  I'm exhausted and finally figured out why.

We kicked our summer off with a wedding in Texas.  Hottest day ever!  Also, a very beautiful one.

Just a couple of days after the wedding, we headed out for a Bruno Mars concert, which was awesome!!

We packed it up and road tripped it to New Orleans almost immediately after Bruno Mars.  We mush have walked a million miles while we played tourists in that beautiful city!  We had beignets for the first time and we rode a river boat for the first time.  So much fun!  I think mine and Dom's favorite part was the nachos they served while we were cruising the river.  Ha!  We managed to leave an entire bag of laundry in our hotel room and sadly, it magically disappeared and is just gone.  So, the Bruno Mars outfits and my Bruno Mars t-shirt and lots of other favorites are just gone.  Forever.

When we got home from New Orleans, we packed y'all (Devan and Dominick) up for your first week of summer camp!  Y'all had a blast, but your sisters missed you terribly.  Dani went into tornado mode and Diamond pulled her hair out.  Trying to entertain an 11 month old is obviously stressful.

Diamond, we went to the discovery museum.  You loved it!  Dani tolerated it, because she loves you. ;)

Devan, you and Daddy shared a first.  Y'all ran a 5k.  You came in third in your age division, cuz you're awesome like that!  I am so proud of you!!!

Diamond and Dominick, you two had a first, as well.  Y'all were on the news!

Look at you, girl!  You're famous!  Only little blond haired, corn rowed Diamonds get to give the weather forecast in a bathing suit!

In Mid-July, we packed up and headed to Orlando, where we met up with Uncle Joey, Jill, Tristen and S.  We stayed at the Blue Green Fountains Resort for four days.  We had so much fun there!  That place was awesome-complete with three pools and kids activities!  I think every one's favorite was the under ground pool!

Diamond, we went on a special date to Disney World.  I had so much fun with you!  You we're so perfect and adorable!  In this photo, you're showing Tinker Bell your shiny Jessie penny that you made earlier that day.  You said that your favorite part was playing on the playground while waiting to ride Dumbo and splashing in the rain with S.  Your least favorite part was the Lilo and Stitch ride.  It was uncomfortable and spooky.  At  the end of the day, you got to pick out a souvenir.  You choose a baby Pegasus.  You have lugged that thing everywhere!

While Diamond and I were at Disney World, Uncle Joey put his brave pants on and took the rest of you to Gatorland.  From the stories I've heard, y'all had a really good time!  Each of you brought home a gator tooth.  Yuck!

After we left the Fountains, we headed to Vero Beach.  The first thing we did was go and see if we could find the manatees.  We found them, but Dani was unimpressed and left.

Dani, I love your curls!  Have I ever told you that?!  Ha!

After the manatees came an impromptu visit to the beach!  Best.Day.Ever.

We spent a few more days in Vero before heading to Georgia.  We tried for a beachy photo shoot, but that didn't go as planned, so we ditched the idea of it, changed into our swim suits and went swimming instead. (:

Dani, you turned one while we were in Vero Beach.  That occasion naturally called for cake...on the beach.
You totally demolished your cupcake and afterwords added a little sand.  I guess you're like your Grandma.  You have to have salty after sweet!

The waves were killer on your birthday.  No, really, I think they were trying to off your siblings.  Funny thing is that it was their favorite day.  A bunch of Nuts, they are, Dani.  A bunch of nuts, indeed!

Also, Devan, you grew a beard and turned into Poseidon.  Weird.

I made the executive decision that we couldn't leave Vero Beach until we watched the sun rise over the ocean.  Just the five of us.  You know, if we had  a bucket list, it would definitely be on it.  So, consider it checked!  The sunrise was magnificent.

Devan, we had a full blown teenage spat, there.  I think you were tired and sleepy...but you didn't choose very wise words and there were some consequences that left you a snotty mess. When you're all grown up and you read this, lets talk about it. (:

After trucking it straight to Georgia, we settled at your grandparent's house for the week.  While visiting with them, we drove to one of my childhood swim spots and hung out.  It was only like 74 degrees that day.  We froze, which is a weird thing to say about July.

Dominick, you were such a good kid on this whole trip!  I am uber proud of you and all of the progress that you've made.  You're wonderful, social and comedic personality is just flourishing!  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you leading singing at Daddy's home church.  You're such a blessing!  I love you, my bonus boy!!

While we were in the area, we hiked to the waterfalls. I took yall's picture in front of the falls.  I have so many pictures/memories of my own childhood there.  It is only fitting. (:

We got to spend the day with Uncle Anthony, while we were in Georgia.  We went swimming on the Toccoa River- another place I swam when I was little.  It was so nice visiting with him.  We went to his house after words and he fixed us dinner.  I never imagined my little brother cooking in the kitchen!  HA!

We spent our last weekend of vacation in North Carolina with LaLa.  She spoiled you girls with moccasins and Dom with a sling shot.  We spent plenty of time in the water there, too!

Our last weekend flew by far too quickly.  We were sad to leave but happy to be going home!  Since coming home, we have stayed put.  I don't think we have anymore trips planned for the summer.  This summer has been a blast!  An exhausting blast!  I love each of you, dearly!  I can't wait to see what next summer holds!

Adventure is out there!!!...It will just have to wait until I've slept.  A lot.

XOXOX, Mommy