Saturday, April 30, 2011


I met Steven when Big D was barely two years old. 

Big D was about four years old when Steven and I started "seriously dating".  She was about four and half years old when we became engaged.

A few months before Steven and I were married, we decided that it would be in the best interest of both, Big D and Middle d,  they should not have any more contact with their biological father.  It wasn't an easy decision.  Her biological father was a man that she thought highly of.  Even though he only came around once every month or two, she loved him very much and looked up to him. She listened to him and his opinion mattered to her.  It was probably because he was very manipulative and controlling, but that is a whole other story, and isn't for today.

I dreamed of a magical father/daughter relationship for the two of them.  But I was also very realistic and realized that her life was about to change drastically and that she might stray away from Steven and even start to resent him based on the decisions that we made.  We were never dishonest with her, we told her why she wouldn't be seeing or talking to him anymore.  We tried our best to make sure that her nearly five year old little mind understood what was going on.

I'll admit, things were a little strange the first six months or so of our marriage/Big D's new life.  She had a hard time adjusting to the new life of having Mommy AND Daddy there all of the time.  Every time Steven tried taking her places or doing things with her, she would compare him to her "old daddy".  That was really hard on Steven but he took it one day at a time and listened to all of her little stories and comparisons of "old daddy vs new daddy".   He  sometimes had to take it one day at a time, one story at a time, but he was patient and kind and caring. 

Over time, her little comparisons faded and she didn't focus on the past so much any more.  They began to develop a father/daughter relationship.  A strong relationship.  A relationship that they deserve.  I think the reason they have the relationship they have is because we have always been honest.  Honest about everything that goes on.  We hide no secrets about the past from her.  If she has questions, we answer them truthfully.  He loves her unconditionally, just like a Daddy should.  He never gave up, even on days when "old daddy" did everything so much better.  He. Never. Gave. Up....

And just look at them today!  Sometimes, I am just happily jealous of him and how he can make her laugh, or embarrass her to the point where she stamps her little foot and says "DAAADDDY!"  Or when they're cuddled up on the couch reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" and he impersonates the different characters voices and sends her into a mad slew of giggles.  Or when like today, he sat up on the top bunk bed with her and played super mario brothers with her for over two hours. Or when they study the bible together and he asks her questions and makes her feel like the smartest eight and a half year old on the planet!

It was a dream.  It all started with a dream, and now I'm living it!  They're living it, and I am in love with it!  I hope and pray that this relationship continue to grow and blossom as it has!  I am so blessed to have the two of them in my life!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few of my favorite Easter-y things

 1.  Rainbows. I love rainbows,  especially rainbow colored drinks.

2.  Peeps.  Oh so yummy, sugary, squishy, marshmallow-y, bird and bunny shaped peeps.

3.  Little d's who like to pretend that their mommy isn't standing right in front of them with a camera...

3.  Glow in the dark egg hunts with the youth group and super sized prize eggs.

4.  Surprise Easter cakes, from Miss Mary :)  YUMMM!

5.  Grandparents traveling 13 hours to spend the holiday weekend with us.

 6.  little d's last soccer game.

7.  Easter bunnies that know how to rock an Easter basket! *ahem*

8.  Daddy with his little girlies.

9.  Semi decent pictures of all three D's and myself.

10.  Easter dinner surrounded by people who love each other like mad!

11.  Easter egg hunts, at night, because it rained ALL day!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

This one's for you, Mama

I gave little d a chocolate bunny.  Before I gave it to her, I made it talk to her.  They must have had a fifteen minute long conversation.  They talked about life and how that was going.  They talked about Easter and how excited they were.  She loved him by the end of the conversation.  I gave him to her and she looked at him, a little worried, a little hesitant, and then she BIT HIS EARS OFF!  I was devastated!  This was not going as I planned at all.  She was supposed to do what I did.  She was supposed to "just lick" him!  She wasn't supposed to be so heartless about it!

As soon as she bit his ears off, I made the bunny scream!  He cried out "Why are you eating me?!  Why are you doing this?"....."It hurts!"....

and that little stinker said "Yeah, but you nummy!"

What is wrong with her?!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A quick weekend recap

Saturday, A.M.

Big D and Middle d's last soccer games.  They had double headers.  They ended their season UNDEFEATED!!!  Go Little Bearcats!!!  Poor Middle d got very little action in his goalie box.  He was often spotted making dust tornadoes or just staring with his head cocked sideways.

 Big D got a lot more action during the second game!  They barely won that game.  Barely, as in, the score was 4 - 3!  Phew!  That was a tough team to beat!

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(moving on)

Saturday, P.M.

Game night at the church building.

"Whose line is it anyway" themed game night.  This particular game was called "How may I help you".  Steven collected strange items for weeks to get ready for this one.  One person had a "problem" and the other had to convince them that "this" particular item was just what they needed to fix what ever their problem was.  S was a bit paranoid and needed a home security system.  Z thought a black kettle would fix all of his problems.  It was heavy and sturdy, and black so you couldn't see it in the dark.  S was a little scared of it at first, but eventually was won over and thought it would be most useful.

Big D couldn't set the clock on her DVD player.  I had just the perfect thing to help her!  An old, silver, springy wisk!  It wouldn't set the clock, but it would provide her with hours and hours of entertainment!  She would have so much fun with it, that she wouldn't worry about the clock anymore!  She was pretty pleased as she walked away with her brand new old, "dingle hopper"!

Look, Mom!  It's me!

 Little d was just a dragon slayer all night!..... : /  I worry about that child!  I really do!

K had the perfect thing to help Middle with his narcolepsy.  She agreed to follow him around with this...thing (not sure what it was) and if he fell asleep, she would simply beat him in the head until he woke up!  Brilliant, she is!  Just brilliant!

S lost his legs, but happily comando crawled away with the one and only phone that connects you straight to the "used legs" morgue store.

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (moving on, again)

Sunday, A.M.,  2011

Little d,  three years old

 Sunday, A.M., 2005
Big D, three years old

Crazy, huh?!

Happy Monday, Everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just soccer stuff

Having three kidlets in soccer has completely consumed all of my free time for the past three months.  Being at the soccer field four and sometimes five days a week can be a bit exhausting.  It can also be a bit lonely.  Sure, I'm with my kids, but I'm not hanging out with them, I'm watching them hang out with other people.  I almost feel bad for letting them play such a time consuming sport.  I miss my evenings with them.  Evenings when we just hang out and read or play games or attempt to cook something new.  We leave for practice as soon as the d's step off the bus Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  Sometimes we are at the field from 4:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.!  We have games every Saturday.  Sometimes, both teams have games, sometimes they have "double headers" (two games, one day, with about an hour of free time between).  Sometimes, the first five hours of our Saturday is spent at the field!

I do enjoy watching them though!  I especially love watching their games!  I love watching Middle dive and catch the occasional ball that gets past the "defenders" (Big D and the only other girl).  He always has such a determined look on his face!  Big D is fierce!  She rarely misses a beat when it comes to "defending" the goal...and the goalie!  And little d is the perfect team sport.  She has a hard time keeping up with those speedy quick boys, but she gives it all she's got.  Poor baby, I think she could run a lot faster if she would stop looking at me and smiling so much!  She loves being on that field!

Big D and Middle d scored an awesome trio of coaches this year!  Their coaches are fresh out of high school and currently in college, but completely obsessed with soccer!  I was a little skeptical about their coaches at first.  With names like C-wag and G-dog (or something like that), who wouldn't be?!  But these guys are amazing!  They know their stuff and are really great with children!  They're strict but believe in having fun at the same time.  Middle d has a coach all to himself.  "C-wag" has really taught him to be a great goalie!  I could go on forever, but I'll spare you and just move on!


Both sets of teams have also only lost one game this whole season!  The game the older d's lost was one we all had a few complaints about as far as the "other" coach and "method of coaching" was concerned.  So, we don't really count that as a loss.  They are great and amazing kids!  I am so blessed to have them!  I miss them like crazy these days!  And I am actually excited about this season ending in two weeks!  I don't think they are though!  I think they would play all year if they could!

That's all for now.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pensacola Beach

 This post doesn't really need words......

...the smiles on their sweet little faces say enough!!!
Pensacola beach was the last stop on our mapped out vacation.  Leaving Disney world was depressing for all of us!  Steven, being the wonderful husband and Daddy he is, planned for us to stop and spend the night and the following day in Pensacola!  I just love him!  He is the most thoughtful person I know!  What would've been a depressing hot, long, and sad drive for us was happily interrupted with sheer squeals and laughter!  This was the first time any of the D's have been old enough to enjoy the beach.

first taste of salt!  Ooh, and the water looks like Jello!
Okay, like I said, this post doesn't really need words.  So, I'm out!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!

More "skinny" on Disney

There was nothing sweeter than watching ALL 3 of my d's meet the Princesses.  Middle d was the least excited to be meeting these "all ready married" beauties, but after he met with them, he couldn't stop talking about it.  In the picture below, Big D was explaining to Cinderella that little d was not really a dragon, even though she and her big brother gave another impression.

Sleeping Beauty was just kind of laid back and happily took pictures with my dragons kiddos.

Princess Belle was most cautious of middle d.  She was very concerned and obviously scared of dragons.

Middle d swiped the glasses off his head to prove he wasn't a real dragon and she was just delighted!  She asked him if she could ever be a dragon.  He replied "No, you will always be a princess!"

In the end, he promised to grow up and be a knight in shining armor!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!