Monday, September 26, 2011


Dear Lady in Wal-Mart that little d pointed to and said "Look at her, Mommy!  She's Uuuuugly!", I'm so very sorry!  You see, we were just talking about how "having ugly ways makes you ugly".  Little d was talking about the "mirwor mirwor on da wall" guy from Snow White and how ugly he was when you walked around the corner with your extremely thick black eyeliner.  I really wish I would've stuck around and explained why she would think to do and say such an eye popping thing.  But honestly, I don't think I have ever been more embarrassed in my life.  That's why I apologized as quickly as possible and high tailed it out of that store as fast as I could without looking like I stole something.  I hope you understand how truly sorry I am...and you're NOT ugly! just wear your make-up a little different than little d is used to.  So I'll tell you one more time X's a million.  I'm sorry.  We're sorry.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: First practice

"If we're standing on this side of field, which way is our goal?"

...I guess that's why they call it practice...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

letter B

Little d and I went to the library for story time today.  She likes to call story time "class".  She thinks she's a big girl {maybe she is!..}.

Her "teacher", Mrs. C brought the letter "B".  She read books about animals that started with "B". She also had a blue bucket filled with items that started with "B".  She's got it going on.  Really!

Little d was hypnotized when she read Stella Luna.  I'm pretty sure it's her new favorite book.  She also did a little bit of art work...and proudly left with "homework".  She waited for the other d's to get home from school to start on it. ( :  Ya know, cuz she's such a big girl now.

little d can write her name!!! (:

After story time, we walked to the park.  Several other kiddos came to the park with us.  I'm pretty sure ld has a new best friend.  She calls him "Sams".  Ld and Sams practiced hanging upside down "Stella Luna" style.

"Mommy, I know what starts with "B"!  Bad guys and Batman!"  ~ld

Should I be worried that those are the words that she picked that started with "B"?  Or should I just be proud that she actually gets it?!  I don't know?!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Every time I blog, I tell you guys about my wonderful D's.  I shed a little light on our day-to-day.  The light is usually a very pretty one.  Today, I'm switching it up a little.  I'm going to tell y'all a little about myself.  I've decided that from this day forward, that I will not not only talk about the present but also the past.  It made me who I am today and I like me.  So from now on you get the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here goes...

Hey.  I'm Kimberly, daughter of a disabled mother and a father whom I don't know.  Little sister to Joey and big sister to Anthony and Jennifer. I'm a sinner saved by the grace of God.  I'm twenty eight years old.  I'm married to the love of my life and best friend, Steven.
I am a mother to three living babies Devan, Dominick, and Diamond.  I also have three angels in heaven.  A daughter that I gave birth to in the bathroom when I was 16.  Doctors say I was between seventeen and nineteen weeks along.  I didn't know I was pregnant or in labor with her.  I don't remember much about her.  I think it's because I tried so hard to forget.  Sometimes I try to remember details about her but I guess my heart isn't ready because I can't.  The only thing I remember is how bad it hurt.  My heart.

The other two were a set of twins.  I lost them at twelve weeks.  Devan was only about 5 months old.  Believe it or not, I was actually sort of relieved when I miscarried.  Am I relieved now? No.  Absolutely not, I still grieve them.

My little girl child hood was taken away from me at the ripe old age of eight.  I was award of the state from the time I was ten until the day I turned eighteen.

Between fifteen and seventeen I tried almost every drug {legal or illegal}that I knew of.  Thankfully, I didn't develop an addiction to any of them.  I started smoking cigarettes when I was fifteen.  I quit when I was twenty two.

I was baptized into Christ on a cold, rainy December night when I was twenty-two. (YAY!!!)

After my first born, I battled PPD.  The depression never went away.  As a matter of fact, it got worse with every child.  I didn't fully recover from PPD until March of this year.  I want to get out of bed now.  I want to be a part of social gatherings.  I'm still battling depression, but I'm getting better.

So, there we go.  A little bit of quality information about myself.

Anyone wanna talk?

Saturday, September 17, 2011


It has been a major "winner" week over our way!

The football team.  Won.

Big D and Middle D's team.  Won.  Twice!

and because we weren't keeping score...

little d's team!  Won!

More to come later...

Happy Saturday, Everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just sayin'

 Dragon Slayers/Rescuers.  They live in my house.

It's weird.  I know.

They're always walking around looking for dragons to rescue or slay depending on the dragon...or the mood of the said slayer/rescuer.  When they aren't looking for dragons they become dragons.  They're always hungry or thirsty...begging for juice or Mt. Dew to be filled in their empty cups.  Mt. Dew is like cat nip for dragons ( :  They often beg and seldom receive....cuz we all know how cats act "on" cat nip.


Anyway, little d went to her first "story time" at our local library, today.  Her "story teller" read several books about apples.  She brought apples for the kiddos to eat and to paint.  She brought apples to paint apples with.  little d thought painting apples with apples was the coolest thing ever until she noticed a tiny speck of  green paint on her index finger....

...Girlfriend just about had another breakdown.

Mommy quickly came to the rescue and diaper wiped that tiny green speck off so quick that she almost forgot about it.  Little d later informed the story teller that she would bring her own paint brush next time cuz, painting apples with apples is a waste of "good apples"! {I love my child}

"Apples starts with "A".  So does "As-twid".  Mommy, I'm As-twid (Astrid)!  Astwid is a dragon killer!  That's Me!" ~ld

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Corn

She didn't want to touch the slippery, buttery, scrumptious looking corn...So we improvised!


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Update

Hey.  I just thought I'd give you guys a quick lil' update on Big D.  She had a very long past two days.  Today, we have managed to keep her temperature under 100!  That's a big deal!  Her temperature has been her biggest problem.  The only other issue she has is "bad headache".

The pediatrician looked her over from head to toe. She pressed on her face under her eyes and I thought Big D was going to burst in to tears!  Her pediatrician also decided to do another urinalysis and it just so turns out, she does have a bladder infection.  She said that sometimes the sinuses fail to drain properly in little ones so they become infected.  I had to add that little part because Big D has not had any sign of a runny nose!  We left the doctor's office fever free with a diagnosis of "severe sinusitis and a bladder infection".  We also left fever free!  She wasn't fever free for long, but her temperature has been very mild {compared to yesterday's 104.8!} all day long.  I think it's safe to say that were well on our way to healthy!

Thanks so much for everyone remembering my babe in your prayers!  God is Good!  So good!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a little rant and a "diagnosis"

For those of you who don't know, Big D has been acting a little sickly lately.  It all started about a month ago when she developed a pretty high fever just out of the blue.  She had no symptoms of being sick other than a headache, glossy sickly eyes, and the fever (of course).

I am not one to high tail it to the doctor at every sign of sickness, so the fever ran a 72 hour course and was on it's way, leaving no trace of sickness behind it.  Things were all great and happy until about a week or so later when Big D spiked a high fever again.  This time the fever lasted about a day, and once again disappeared.  It's been a couple of weeks and guess what?  Yup, high fever accompanied with glossy eyes and a massive headache.

Thursday, she came home from school and went to bed.  I went in her room to wake her up and remind her that we shouldn't take naps on school nights because it will only make the next day worse...blah, blah, blah...

So she slowly climbed out of bed mumbled something to me about a headache.  I felt her head and she was burning up.  Like freaky hot, burning up!  I took her temperature and sure enough, 104.something!  I gave her Motrin, pumped her full of Popsicles and laid her on the couch.  An hour later, she still complained of a headache.  I took her temperature and it was still 104.something!  I said screw it, gave her Tylenol, and put her in a luke warm bath.  That seemed to do the trick and she was fine for the next four hours.  This little fever pattern continued for the rest of the night and part of Friday.

Friday, at about noon, her temperature was normal.  She was still "normal" at 5:30, so my idiot self said it would be OK for her to go with the youth, to the football game that was an hour away.  At 6:30 we stopped for dinner.  She complained of a headache.  I checked her...fever.  I gave her Motrin and things seemed to go down hill after that.  When we got to the game, she was burning up.  Her face and mouth were swollen, her eyes were puffy, and she was as white as a ghost.  She looked like a little fat kid!  I thought she was having an allergic reaction to something.  I didn't have benadryl but we were literally six feet from the EMT's so I figured we would be OK.  An hour into the game she was still burning up so I gave her Tylenol.  We put a bag of ice on her head and rubbed her down with cool paper towels, waiting for the meds to take effect.

At one point, I helped her get up to go use the bathroom and she almost fell.  She couldn't get her balance.  I had to literally hold her up and help her walk.  I was pretty freaked out at this point and good and ready to take her to the hospital.

Ten or so minutes passed by and she was fine.  Fine as in "Yay, lets go out onto the field and cheer the Bear cats on!"  I passed on the hospital trip and we went home.

Saturday morning she woke up with a 103.2 fever.  That was lower than the past couple of days so I figured we were on the mend....But I figured wrong, she continued to run a fever all day and through the night.  I told Steven that if she woke up Sunday morning with a fever that I would take her to the E.R.  I was going to wait till Monday and just take her to the doctor...but the whole "Labor Day Weekend" thing kind of threw that plan out the window.

This Morning Steven went to wake her to get ready for worship, and she was burning up...again.  I was in the kitchen, so I called for her to come in there with me.  She wobbled her way into the kitchen and almost fell.  She said she was dizzy and her head hurt.  I sat her down at the table to take her temperature.  It was 104.9!  I gave her some water so she could take her Tylenol.  She stood up, walked to the trashcan, and threw up.  So, I put her in a luke warm bath and gave her some liquid Tylenol.  She managed to keep that down long enough to put a dent in her fever.

We got to the hospital and waited about an hour before she was seen.  The lady in triage was nice enough to remind me that "Devan was not an emergency case and next time I should probably take her to the walk-in clinic".  They put us in a room where we sat for another hour before anyone came in to check on her.  The doctor finally came in and asked all the normal questions.  Big D answered, I answered....we answered.  And then the doctor tries to tell me that it's possible that Big D has mono.  She asked my daughter who she was kissing at school?  She told her that she could tell her the truth and that she wouldn't tell Mama!  I interrupted, "Um, she's nine!"  She proceeded to tell me that thirteen, fourteen, fifteen year olds often kiss at school when no one's looking.  I interrupted again, "Yeah, but she's nine!"

begin rant:
{Can't you get Mono from drinking/eating after people?  Water fountains?...etc?  Why do you have to put ridiculous thoughts into my innocent nine year olds mind?  Get a life, lady!...or your mind out of the gutter!}
end rant:

She checked her out head to toe.  Had her blood checked, swabbed her throat, did a urinalysis.  She was pretty convinced that Big D had Mono or strep throat {even though she didn't ever complain of a sore throat}.  By the end of the visit I was, too.  She had all of the symptoms.  Sporadic fever, headache, lethargic, no appetite, swollen glands.....but thankfully both her strep and mono tests came back a big ole negative!  Doc was surprised, but sent us home with a "tonsillitis" diagnosis and a prescription for antibiotics...

...She also said that if Big D should break out in a rash or have trouble breathing, that her original diagnosis of Mono was prolly the real problem and that we should discontinue use of the antibiotics and follow up with her pediatrician sooner than the recommended "in five days."

...{Yeah, lady thanks and everything, but I'm gonna follow up with her pediatrician as soon as they open their doors, Tuesday.  Because, I'm pretty confident that you didn't give my daughter the proper care and attention that she needed.}

In the mean time, Y'all please pray for my baby girl!

Happy Sunday!