Wednesday, October 27, 2010

weekend ramblings

Weekends are always busy around our neck of the woods.  The good news is that cheer season is almost officially over : )  That frees up our Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday afternoons.  Can we all just take a second and let out a relieved sigh?!  I enjoyed cheer, don't get me wrong.  But seriously dude?  I was over it sometime around the fifth grueling hour and a half practice  listening to the same cheers and the same dance song over and over and over again!

We took a n extremely long five hour short road trip to Memphis last week.  I took Janis (any camera as expensive as mine should have a name) with me, but I only took a few pictures.  Here are some good ole flashy Chucky Cheezes pictures of the kiddies.

*note to self*  *Take more pictures of the boy, people are gonna start to think you don't love him...or he's not pretty, er handsome*

We got home from Memphis around 2 a.m.....Needless to say we were completely wiped out the next day.

Life doesn't care how exhausted you are is just seems to keep going.  And that's just what we did, we kept going.  Friday wasn't so bad.  The only obligation we had was soccer practice.  We were going to go to the high school football game but decided that we would just take the twenty dollars it would cost for admission to the game and go out to eat instead.

Somewhere in between 2 a.m. Friday and Mid day Saturday I managed to catch a cold, or virus of some sort.

Saturday was a little too much for all of us.  Did I mention that this was Stevens only Saturday off to spend with us instead of the youth group?  Well, let me mention that real quick before I get into the rest of Saturday.  Steven is allowed one Saturday off per month to spend with his  One.  That's all.  And it's not very many seeing how there are only twelve months in a year.

We got up at 7ish Saturday morning, got ready and headed over to the soccer fields for our nine o'clock game.  We lost our nine o'clock game by alot.  After our game, we headed to the church building for potty breaks and hand washing (we don't use port a pottys...icky, icky, icky!)  After we got that out of the way, we took a deep breath and headed back to the soccer Fields for out 11 o'clock game.  We lost our 11 o'clock game as well.  After our game ended at 12 p.m. we headed to a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Addi!!!)  We left the party around 1:30 p.m. .  By this time I was ready to barf all over the place.  I think I had a virus.  I was sick for three days and today I feel fine!  Any who, we got home around 2ish and as soon as we did, I got a phone call reminding me that I was supposed to help our neighbor set up for his 3 o'clock party.  I almost said no.  I was pretty sure I had a fever.  I was pretty sure I was gonna loose my groceries but I plastered a big shiny smile on my face and headed over to the party site.  I'm glad I went.  I had so much fun decorating and not chasing my own kiddies around.  The party (by the way, Happy Birthday, Zack!) was a blast.  We were there till late thirty.  By the time we left, I was....icky! I missed worship on Sunday, all day, because I felt so bad.

Our life is busy.  A little too busy for my taste.  I hardly have time to blog anymore because we are always on the go.  Uggh!  Way too much on my plate : /

Any who, Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Deanna the photographed

Here are some more of Deanna's pics.  I'm uploading them for her mama : )  I had fun with your sweet girly today Cindy : )  Thanks for sharing! die laughing!

yes. yes.  I know you can't see her...but it's just soooo pretty :)
I don't know about you, but this certainly made me happy : )

Happy Monday Everyone : )

Sunday, October 17, 2010

cheer practice equals free spelling lessons

Since Big D started cheer leading, I have drug the other d's to each practice and game.

The two smaller d's can now spell more words thanks to Big D's interest in cheer leading : )

Little d walks around the house cheering H-O-T-T-O-G-O Hot to two year old can spell 'hot to go'.

Middle d can now spell 'victory'...kind of anyway.  He splits that V dots that I curves that C T-O-R-Y!  lol!

Both of them can spell 'lets go' and 'spirit'

Thank you Big D!  Thanks to you, were gonna have a family full of wonderful spellers (is that even a word?!)

H-A-P-P-Y Saturday everyone : )

Friday, October 15, 2010

I took Deanna "senior" pics today...or at least attempted to.  She is a sweet and beautiful little lady.  These haven't been edited, but I had to upload a few for her mama.

just a little too pink : /

hehe... :)


At 2 and a half years this little thing:

1.  Learned to look at the camera and attempt a fake cheezy smile that I love.

2.  Left Woody and Buzz behind for some good ole' quality princess playtime.

3.  Said goodbye to diapers and hello to new princess covered panties for good.

4.  Let us know that she has her own opinion and that yes, it does too matter!

5.  Grown some much needed hair (and lost the one and only curl she had).

6.  Speaks in full and complete sentences and can tell you all about her day, repeating her favorite parts over and over and over again.

7.  Moved out of her crib straight into a big girl bed with her big sister.

8.  Preferences to what shoes she wears...those white boots uggh!

9.  Swings on big girl and little girl swings at the park.

10. Became an artist : )

No, I didn't supervise this one
Happy Friday Everyone : )

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

homecoming parade, little stuff, and homecoming

Let me just start this lil' entry off by telling you readers, that I am the most semi responsible person ever!...kind of.

A couple of Saturdays ago, We went to Searcy Arkansas for the Harding lectures.  We left late in the evening because we didn't want Big D to miss her 5:00 football game.  The very next day, I drove all the way home so that Big D wouldn't miss her homecoming parade on Monday.  I didn't put that much thought into her missing school.  See, semi responsible!  Anyway, we get all of the way home before I realize that I left her uniform in the hotel room!  How does one march in the parade without a uniform?!  Yep, like I said, semi resopnsible : )

If you were wondering, this is how:

Buy the smallest bear cat shirt in the womens department (they didn't have any children sizes?!).  Black jeans Blue jeans (she doesn't own black), closest matching ribbon possible, cheer shoes, and viola!  Semi team spirit cheerleader...kind of.

Here she is with one of her besties : )  I think little girl friends are the best!

Why no more pictures of the parade?! camera died : (

After the parade, I drove to Searcy, picked Steven up, went to soccer practice, fed lambs, went to cheer practice, more soccer practice, and finally Homecoming : )

That game was the most exciting and fun thing we have done in a loooooong time!  We all had a blast!  Even little d enjoyed it!  She thought it was the coolest thing ever that this game had "Cinderella princesses" at it :)  I so agreed with her.  They really did look like they stepped right out from prince charmings royal ball...

Middle d sat right behind us with a dear to us family that cheered just as much if not more as we did.

Long story short:  We cheered and yelled alot, waited for the announcer guy to say "that will be enough for a bear cat" we could finish his sentence with a as loud as you can FIRST DOWN!!!!  Foot ball is weird and I don't get most of it but it sure is fun!

And this lil dreamer?  Well, I see it in her eyes.  It's gonna happen.  She's gonna be there.  Right there.  She knows it : )

So,  I think that pretty much catches us up.  phew!  I'm exhausted!  Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Searcy AR

 We took a short little trip to Searcy Arkansas last weekend for the Harding lectures.  I don't know why I took so few pictures.  We had a really good time though.

Can you tell we don't have cable or satellite at home?!  lol!

Happy Thursday Everyone : )