Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, Hello!

Dearest Summer,

Last year we sadly said good bye to you as you migrated to the other side of the world. You were there for our first day of school and you left shortly after. We missed you at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year...and so on. Oh Summer, How we've missed you so!

Summer, thank you for coming back to join us on our very last day of school! We wouldn't have it any other way!

Well, maybe we would have you stick around a little bit longer this year! We have lots planned!


The Morris Kiddos :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just me bragging

I went to Big D's award ceremony this morning. The invitation she was sent home with said that she would be receiving "an" award. I was very excited about "this" award. The first set of awards to be handed out was the National Physical Fitness award. Kind of expecting it, but not really expecting it...they called her name. And I half to admit that as proud of her as I was, I was a little disappointed. I really wanted her to receive an award for academics. Not that a Physical fitness isn't important! I just think academics are more important. By the way, to achieve this she had to run half a mile in four minutes along with sit ups and push ups. She and like 20 other kids won this! I'm quite impressed!

So I sat there the rest of the ceremony and watched as they handed out this award for that and so on. It got to the point where I wasn't even paying attention and then I heard it "Devan Morris" and oh how my heart smiled. I got all teary eyed as I watched my girl shyly walk up onto that stage to receive her certificate and look at me all proud of her little self.

I started paying attention after this. I'm kind of a bragger and maybe I shouldn't be. But, Before this ceremony started I talked to two moms who were sitting at the table in front of me. They were going on and on about how they had to force their children to read the required 10 minutes everyday. I smiled (and maybe I shouldn't have), turned and said "My daughter loves to read. She reads at least 30-45 minutes every day." Long story short, I felt really bad when my girl was called up for the third time for her AR trophy and neither of theirs were. That means that she was a top reader :) That means she read 360 or more books! I'm so proud of my girl! She's such a smarty...and she's all mine!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stream of consciousness

There are only 6 days of school left before my primary school girl becomes a third grader "elementary" school girl. Which means only three years until middle school.

Six days before my son who has only attended letter grades will become a first grader, a grade with actual numbers. Which means only three years until he is in "elementary" school.
And that my dearies brings me to the two year old. No, she will not be attending school for a while. But guess where she will be in three years? Kindergarten! Am I the only one who is sad here? I'm flippin out a little aren't I? Just say yes and we'll move on ;)

I will also be taking a spur of the moment trip to Florida Memorial Day weekend(cross your fingers) with one of my bestest friends. Her daughter is graduating from A school and it is her birthday. So we will be making our way down there to celebrate with her. I will only be taking little d with me. A simply fabulous friend and her husband from our church family donated some time, space, and parenting skills to make this happen. I am so grateful for "family" like this. One to take me to Florida and the other to watch the babes...*aah* Heavenly!

Steven will be taking the youth group to see an afi concert in Memphis on Memorial Day. Which is why I needed a...well I don't like to say baby sitter...but I'm not really sure what to call it...moving on...And yes, I did say AFI concert!

Big D and I decided that she will have a pink and green themed party! Yup. Were going with colors...and circles because she's turning eight! I've started planning a little er' alot! We haven't decided on an exact date for our Georgia trip yet so we don't know where we will be having the party. That is kind of annoying. It kind of puts a cramp in the planning.

I am super excited about summer! Oh the fun and many adventures that are awaiting myself and those precious D's! Cheer practice, a three week vacation to Georgia, cheer camp, and a family vacation!!! Did I mention cheer? I'm so excited for Big D! She is finally old enough to be a "real" cheerleader!!!

That's it! That's I've got right now! Happy Thursday Everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moments with Middle D

Here are some of the things that my sweet little man has had to say the past couple of days. I'll start with a few lines of our Wednesday night closing prayer. It went a little something like this

"Jehovah. Thank you for the food that we just ate. Thank you for everything you give us. Thank you for the cars and the churches and for the food that we eat. And for the people that come to church and please be with the ones that don't come to church. In Christ's (Chwrist) name we pray. Amen."

Here are some of my favorites. Ones that make me smile.

"Mommy. I can hula hoop really fast around my neck. But that's all."

"Mommy. Bones aren't tied together! They just fit together like Lego's. So if you didn't have skin. They would still be there. Wouldn't it be cool to just be walking around in just bones?!?"

That's all I've got. Happy Thursday everyone :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

stream of consciousness

Little d currently has a fever of 102.1. She does not have any snotty drainage or any symptoms of being sick besides the fever and complaining of her legs hurting! That bothers me. I like for fevers to be accompanied with other symptoms. Does that make me weird?

Middle d is currently grounded for repeatedly being told to clean his room and instead of cleaning it, he crammed more and more stuff into his toy box and any other area that might harbor a broken toy or dirty laundry. He is grounded from life until he is seven....or until I cool off a little more. It took me a good two hours to undo his "cleaning". I wouldn't be so upset had I not done this just two months ago.

Big D is currently beautiful and well behaved. That makes me happy.

Edge fest is Saturday. I'm almost excited about it. I haven't ever been to a concert before. And I'm a little nervous about it being an all day event three hours away from home and the day before Sunday. Mothers day.

Speaking of Mothers day. I still haven't mailed off cards and gifts to the two (wonderful and patient) mothers that I am blessed with (sorry moms but it's prolly gonna be Monday or Tuesday before you receive your gifts).

Oh yeah, I bought a treadmill about two weeks ago. I've been walking/running three to five miles a day with no results. That's discouraging. I'm loosing my motivation to climb on that thing and do anything. Whats the point?!?

That's about it. That's my stream of consciousness. What's on your mind?

And the pics? They have nothing to do with with my s.o.c. There just pretty ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our project didn't "flop"

About a week ago I took a trip to my new favorite store. You know, the one that you don't go to unless you have lots of money to spare. Well, I didn't have lots of money to spare but I went any way. Hobby Lobby.

Need I say more?!?

I don't remember the reason why I went to this wonderful store, because I didn't get anything but ribbon. Lots.Of.Ribbon. This marvelous store was selling this beautiful stuff for half off! Made my day :)

Big D and I took some of this ribbon tonight and started and finished a project.

We took her ordinary black flip flops.

And we made them Extraordinary black and purple flip flops! TaaDaa!!!

They're not perfect in any way. But the conversation was amazing and I love spending one on one time with my sweet girly.

Happy Monday everyone :)