Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today, Steven picked up the two older d's from school. This was like any other day, except for the part when Mrs.R flagged Steven over to the parking lot so that she could tell him that our son obviously thought he was Godzilla. Mrs. R informed Steven that middle d would not listen to her or any other teacher today. He also pushed three different boys today in the "car riders" line. What??? My 5 1/2 year old middle d??? That sweet little BOY????

Needless to say, middle d is grounded from school. Yes, I said school. I will get his lessons from his teacher, and I will teach him at home for a week or so until he learns to not act like godzilla at school...or any where else. School happens to be his most favorite thing, so I think his punishment is a just one. I also didn't let him go to class with the other children tonight, instead I taught him in the nursery with little D. Am I awful? I don't know. In class tonight we talked about appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Good choices and Bad choices...and consequences for our actions...and tied some Noahs arc in there ;)

Here is a little of our conversation. He had some pretty justified 5 year old reasons to behave the way he did.

"Middle D, why didn't you leave the clocks alone and sit down when Mrs.R asked you to?"
"I tried to put my hands together and sit down, but they were shiny and new, and really awsome and I just couldn't listen to her."

"Middle D, why did you push J?"
"Because he was in my spot in the line. I didn't mean to push him down, just back in his spot. and I helped him back up."

"Middle D, why did you push M"
"Because *thinks for a minute* *sighs* I just don't *thinks again* um??? I just don't like him and he was in my way."

Any way, I think the poor little guy just needed a nap. He didn't turn into godzilla until after lunch. Along with his regular school work tomorrow, he will also be writing some apology letters. *sigh* What to do with little boys???

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