Friday, July 15, 2011

Time's up

Today was our last day in Florida.  I'm kinda-sorta-in-a-real-sad-way, sad about it.  I am really going to miss the never ending swim days!  I love it when my D's walk up to me and say "What time are we going swimming today?"  It's not a matter of  if  but instead, when?!  I'm totally used to it, and I love it!

Tomorrow, all of that ends.  As a friend of mine says, "Sad times".

The fourteen days we spent here were absolutely wonderful!  Magical would be more like it, except for there were no unicorns, fairies, or Ronald McDonald's.  Even the two days we spent cooped up because it was raining.  It was good.  A quick trip to Target will solve all of our rainy day problems.  Although there were no unicorns, we certainly had our fair share of rainbows, gum drops, and lollipops!  Courtesy of a rainy day and side walk chalk, of course!

Dominick and Tristen reading to each other with their seven year old voices (:

Dude, I friggin LOVE this swim suit!  Like, I totally want to beat her up and steal it every time she wears it!
The bright side to our Florida trip ending is that were going to Georgia!  The D's (and myself) will get to spend time with their grandparents, and that's always a good thing.  Well, usually anyway. (:

Oh, I haven't seen my Mama in a year!  I miss her dearly all of the time.  I mean, she's my Mama!  You know?!  So, I'm kind-of-really-friggin-excited about that!

That's it for now.  More to come soon-ish!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pouty faces

"Hey Everyone, poke our your bottom lip and look real sad!"



Middle D, I said your bottom lip!  Not the top one!

(How does he do that anyway?!)

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Florida is where I want to live.  I've always said that I wanted to live there when I grow up but I am  retracting my statement.  I want to grow up here.  I want to live here right now. 

Florida has a golden hour that lasts like four hours.

Florida gets a nice little rain shower every day.

Florida comes equipped with a ready to use ocean.

Florida homes naturally have pools.

Florida has palm trees.

Florida has sidewalks and un-hilly (yes, it's a word, cuz it's my blog and I said so!) roads.

Florida has a zoo with a "how many hours would it take a volture to eat you if it found you dead" scale!
One and 1/4 days to eat the kiddos if you were wondering ;)

Florida IS all that and a cherry tootsie pop!

I've tried and tried to talk Steven into quitting his job and moving here with me.  He won't budge.  He keeps bringing up things that I prefer not to think about while impulse begging him to move here with me.  He reminds me of our youth and of my friends that I've made, and all of the people from the congregation that we absolutely love and adore.  He also tells me that I'm unrealistic when I dream of  our little family of five, happily living on our little red and white polka dot quilt, safely tucked away, under the board walk at the beach.  What's so unrealistic about that?  The beach has restrooms and showers and sand and water.  What else does a girl need?!

Aah.  If only this great state made Stevens heart melt like putty.  *sigh* (Steven, are you reading this?!  Did you get the *sigh*?  Do you feel bad?! *wink wink*)  If only he wasn't so stubborn.  If only he would just put his wife first. (I'm only kidding...kind of)

Oh, and here's one for you.  Last Sunday, Vero's youth minister resigned!  He just quit!   Quit!  As in got up in the pull pit and read his letter of resignation and announced his last day (Steven, two weeks!  They need a replacement in two little tiny weeks!)!Was that just coincidence?!  I think not!  Sign from God?!  I think so!  What do y'all think?!   lol!

A girl can dream!  Right?!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

stream of consciousness-ish

Uggh!  Sometimes I want to blog and just don't know what to say.  I should have a lot to say because we are on our month long vacation.  And this is a really great vacation, because we just so happen to be in Florida, which just so happens to be the greatest state in the U.S.  We've been here for ten days.  I should have a lot to say.  I want to have a lot to say, but words are failing me...and it sucks.

Were having a great time here in Vero Beach.  We pretty much do the same thing everyday.  Wake up, hang out, swim, hang out, swim some more, and then sleep.

Maybe I'll tell y'all about our daily routine.  It's interesting (in real life) to say the least.

Wake up.  We (the D's and I) are always the last ones to roll out of bed in the mornings.  We usually get up at about 9 a.m.. It seems as if we all need about 10 hours of sleep to fully function, or maybe were just lazy.  Either way, were on vacation and that's totally acceptable!

Hang out.  Sometimes after breakfast, we get out of our jammies and into real clothes.  Most times, we get out of our jammies and into our swim suits.  The time between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. seems to pass by the fastest.  We pretty much just sit around and....hang out.

Swim.  If it's not raining, were swimming.  The D's and Tristen spend hours upon hours living in their imaginary worlds.  Sometimes they're "water super heroes" and sometimes they're "sharks" or "sea horse super heroes".  They all play nicely together for the most part and sometimes they argue over hilarious things like "Devan wont be a baby shark and I already told her I was the dad!"  or "Dominick, you have to be the kid cuz you're missing teeth.".  They try to make me referee and sometimes I do and I sound completely ridiculous saying things like "Well, Dominick can be an old man shark cuz they have missing teeth, too!"  or "The beach ball is allowed to get wet."  "No, Tristen, you can't have the whole six feet water for your front yard, that's half of the pool!".  I always feel strange yet, satisfied after settling their little quarrels.

Eating dinner.  I'll admit it.  Were unhealthy eaters lately.  Tonight we had the healthiest meal since we arrived here.  And that's really sad because it was KFC chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cake.  It's sad, but fun!

Sleep.  That's what my girls should be doing right now.  Instead, they are restlessly chatting and talking about random things.  Little d watched "Wapunzel" today.  She is still very disturbed by the mother that steals Rapunzel.  Big D is currently reassuring ld that she wont steal her.  I didn't think about the whole hair cutting episode today when I put the movie on for them today.  I guess we will just have to make sure the scissors are put away for the next couple of days.  It's really sweet to listen to their sweet little conversations.  Big D is such a good big sister.

Sleep has also been a hard thing for me to come by lately.  I miss my husband.  Point blank.

So, that's it.  There's a basic day in my life.  It's not the most interesting post, but it is a most interesting life.  I'm lovin' this vacation! 

Ooh!  I almost forgot.  We watched Atlantis take off for the last time today.  We ran outside right after it launched on TV to try and see it in the sky (cuz were only an hour from Coco beach) but it was way to cloudy.  We could hear it though, and that was awesome!  Were thinking about riding up there tomorrow to check out scene.  Who knows what we'll get into!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Help!

Little Kitty meets Little d (:
Little d loves Little Kitty.
Little Kitty yells for help.
Little d thinks Little Kitty loves being "loved on".

Little d doesn't seem to notice Little Kitty's desparation.

Little Kitty regrets meeting Little d. (:

The End.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Dear Terry Mr. Warren,

I have to admit, the first time you suggested that we drive your little red golf cart to the pool, I was kind of sketchy about the idea.  I don't know why.  But I definitely was.  After very little thought, I decided to politely decline your ever so generous offer.

I walked to the pool with four little kiddos and it was a fabulous walk...until t-man and md decided to run far ahead of me and didn't stop at the stop sign...there weren't any cars anywhere in sight, but still, you know?  I couldn't help but wonder about that little red golf cart.  It just kept flittering through my thoughts...especially when ld refused to take one more step because her brand spankin' new straight off the clearance rack from target, Dora sandals had rubbed a glorious blister on the left side of her foot.  I didn't blame her for not wanting to walk anymore.  Who would?!  I was going to carry her but I was already carrying my camera bag,  the "swimming bag", and ld's life jacket.  My arms were a little full.  Thankfully Big D carried the swimming bag and Middle d carried the camera bag.  The only thing I had to lug the rest of the way to the pool was squishy, sweaty little d.

Swimming at the pool was absolutely wonderful!  There were palm trees and big puffy clouds and a perfect salty breeze.  Thank you, for living here and letting us stay with you.  That is very generous of you and we appreciate it more than we could possibly say.

Also, Thank you for calling us home just a mere 10 minutes before the big puffy white clouds turned icky gray and dumped down rain.

The walk home wasn't so bad.  I mean if you look over the fact that I was carrying soaking wet towels and a fit pitching three year old.  And if you look over the fact that md and t-man were running down the road in slippery flip flops.  They only occasionally almost fell and busted their faces.  Oh and the fact that little d accused a Hispanic person of stealing our water cooler and weed eater.  She caved on the cooler but was still pretty upset over the weed eater.  See, it was sort of a pleasant walk...

All this blabbering, I guess I should get to my point.

Today, when you suggested that I take your little red golf cart, I was secretly jumping up and down and celebrating!  I loaded up the D's and t-man and myself into this little thing, listened to some simple instructions on how to operate/drive it, and cautiously off we went!

 As soon as I pulled out of the drive way I was in love.  I felt like the "coolest kid on the block"!  It was like I was driving an over sized power wheel.  I didn't want to swim anymore.  I wanted to drive around the neighborhood, wave at random people and have drive by conversations with them.  I almost forgot about the four kiddos sitting in this red, fringy, over sized power wheel and did just that.  But instead, the kids reminded me to stop while I was in the process of running a stop sign the children reminded me that they were still with me and we went to the pool.

Three hours later we were feeling pretty crispy from the wonderfully hot Florida sun and we all piled in the red golf cart and headed home.  Driving felt so good that I decided to turn the radio on and take a lap around the neighborhood.  The song on the radio was "In my next 30 years".  That was such an appropriate song for me, ya know, cuz I just celebrated my 28th year! :)

Me on my birthday! :)

So there we were, the five of us driving around the neighbor hood waving at random porch dwellers and barking at their dogs laughing and just having the time of our lives.  I'm pretty sure I bonded with  my nephew today.  You know, the kind of bond where he loves me and likes me, too! 

Thank you.  Thank you for letting us use your little red golf cart.  Today we made precious memories.  Memories that will prolly last a life time!  All because of "lil red".