Monday, September 15, 2014

Six and a half

Diamond Idreal  Kyleigh Rae, you turned six and a half, this week!

Photo: Trying so hard to figure out why this cake was hers, only half of a cake and had six and a half candles on it.  #diamondkyleigh #sixandahalf #ohsoblonde #halfbirthday #loveher

This half of a cake was waiting on you when you got home from school.  You couldn't seem to figure out why it was for you, so I put six and a half candles on it and your blonde self still didn't get it.  You were totally stumped!  Haha! 
You were all "Hey Mommy, you pushed that candle in too far.  You want me to pull it up a little, for you?"

Dominick-clever boy-finally figured it out for you!

We got you some little (inexpensive) ponies for your half day.  You were pleasantly surprised!  
 It's all you've talked about since! 

You're so cute!!
And you keep reminding Dominick-whose half birthday is less than two weeks away-that "Mommy doesn't treat us all the same, so don't expect a half birthday party. I mean, I hope you get one but, you know she's not fair, like that."

(You're totally right, though, about not treating you all the same.  All of you are very different and need to be treated differently, but I still love and celebrate each of you!!)

Thanks, for looking out for him. 
And me? 
 I mean, maybe I'll have the crappiest day ever and I won't get around to pulling a cake fail out of the freezer and frosting it for him, on his half birthday?  Who knows? ;)

"A boy pony!  It's all I've ever wanted!"

Who knew??

I hope we made you feel as special as you are, sweet girl!  I love you so very much and can't wait to see how much you've changed by your seventh birthday!

PS:  Mommy already has that My Little Pony Party planned!  All it needs to be perfect, is a boy pony!  HA!

XOXOX, Mommy