Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 minutes with Middle D

Mommy, if I eat too much, will I blow up?
Mommy, Can I roll the window down?
Mommy, Why is my head bigger than Devan and Diamonds?
Mommy, Can I have a piece of candy?
Mommy, Does the moon really have a face?
Mommy, Can I just fly to the moon without being an astronaut?
Mommy, What is a chicken nugget made of?
Real chickens and what kind of flowers?
Mommy, Are corn dogs really made from corn and dogs?
Oh yeah, then why do they call them corn dogs?
Then how do you know a chicken nugget is really made of chicken?
Mommy, how do you kill a chicken?
Mommy, Who knew they could kill a chicken and make chicken nuggets out of it?
Was it McDonald's?
Mommy, Will smarties really make you smart?
Do smarties make your brain bigger?
Is that why my head is bigger than Devan and Diamonds?
Mommy, If I eat alot and lot of smarties, will my head explode?
Will smarties go everywhere?
Can we eat them if it does?
Why do I have to be quiet?
Does that get on your nerves?
What does annoy you mean?
Is that the same as getting on your nerves?
Does Devan have to be quiet too?

...A few minutes later...

Mommy, Can I watch a movie?...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today, Steven picked up the two older d's from school. This was like any other day, except for the part when Mrs.R flagged Steven over to the parking lot so that she could tell him that our son obviously thought he was Godzilla. Mrs. R informed Steven that middle d would not listen to her or any other teacher today. He also pushed three different boys today in the "car riders" line. What??? My 5 1/2 year old middle d??? That sweet little BOY????

Needless to say, middle d is grounded from school. Yes, I said school. I will get his lessons from his teacher, and I will teach him at home for a week or so until he learns to not act like godzilla at school...or any where else. School happens to be his most favorite thing, so I think his punishment is a just one. I also didn't let him go to class with the other children tonight, instead I taught him in the nursery with little D. Am I awful? I don't know. In class tonight we talked about appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Good choices and Bad choices...and consequences for our actions...and tied some Noahs arc in there ;)

Here is a little of our conversation. He had some pretty justified 5 year old reasons to behave the way he did.

"Middle D, why didn't you leave the clocks alone and sit down when Mrs.R asked you to?"
"I tried to put my hands together and sit down, but they were shiny and new, and really awsome and I just couldn't listen to her."

"Middle D, why did you push J?"
"Because he was in my spot in the line. I didn't mean to push him down, just back in his spot. and I helped him back up."

"Middle D, why did you push M"
"Because *thinks for a minute* *sighs* I just don't *thinks again* um??? I just don't like him and he was in my way."

Any way, I think the poor little guy just needed a nap. He didn't turn into godzilla until after lunch. Along with his regular school work tomorrow, he will also be writing some apology letters. *sigh* What to do with little boys???

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sleepy little d

Sometimes the pitter patter of these little feet stop...

And it's painfully quiet in our world.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweetheart banquet part 2

Where did I leave off??? Shaving?

After shaving, we played a game like fluffy bunny. Our youth stuffed in one marshmallow at a time followed by the word Mephibosheth. There are no pictures of this because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to snap a shot. We also played this with the youth. We hid 5 m&m's on a plate and covered it with whipped cream. The object was to find all five not using your hands.


The newly wed game was a hoot! We had lots and lots of fun with this one. I feel like I know my brothers and sisters in Christ alot better now.

Ladies sat on one side...

Gentlemen sat on the other. Is it me? or do they look really nervous?

I don't remember laughing this much in a very long time. It seemed like every answer to every question was hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites...

What color is your wives tooth brush?
Husband answered: "white"
Wife answered: "C, you know we don't have toothbrushes because we have false teeth!"

What was your most memorable embarrassing moment?
Wife answered: I don't remember having one"
Husband went on to tell a story about how one day wife intentionally sowed the fly to his undies together :)

Where did you and your spouse meet?
Wife answered: I got my husband on lay a way at wal-mart (that's where he worked)

What is your wife's favorite flower?
Husband: what ever is cheapest!

What was the worst anniversary gift?
Wife: "probably the iron!"

Best anniversary gift?
Husband replied: After 31 years of marriage, I finally bought her a diamond she could see!"

How did you know she was the one?
Husband starts story off: "Well this one night when we went parking..."

Those are just a handful of what kept me rolling to the point of tears. Everyone played well and had a great sense of humer. At the end of the night, we crowned our 2010 reigning King and Queen truly wed R & C W.

Oh! I almost forgot! Let me introduce you to the "most important" team
A and Middle D.

These little guys had such important jobs and took them very seriously. They were in charge of handing out salt and pepper shakers, toothpicks, salad dressing, napkins, and appetizers. They were busy little bees. And, a great contribution to our night going as smooth as it did. I dubbed them "the most important team" so that they would feel special and important, and in the end, they were. I'm so very proud of these two five year olds for doing such an outstanding job!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Northside Sweetheart Banquet part 1

Saturday was a very busy day for us. We had a sweet heart amazing sweet heart banquet if I may say so myself. Two sweet ladies and myself were in charge of decorating. I don't have any before and after pictures but we did an amazing job. Our decorations were complete with hand made place cards (my favorite).

Our Youth was responsible for the whole meal. They prepared salad, lasagna, whole wheat spaghetti with meat balls, garlic bread, strawberry jello, and strawberry shortcake. They also were coordinated, all wearing black (wonder whose idea that was!) After the meal was prepared, the youth were divided up into five teams. Three serving teams, one "management" team, and "the most important team". The tables were numbered and assigned so there was as little confusion as possible.

Most everyone arrived promptly at 5:00 p.m. Everyone found their seats (no one switched(amazing)) and our "servers" greeted them with friendly smiles and menus. Yep, we thought of it all! Our youth did an awesome job! They were very friendly and accurate. I was busy during our "dinner rush" so I did not get too many photographs of our youth serving, but here are a few of the ones I got.


See little d here in this pic? I'm pretty sure she is helping someone finish their meal (oops)

This game was fun. Everyone brought wedding/dating pictures of themselves and we were to "guess who"

We also shaved...kind of

And obviously, some were a little better than others...

Okay, that's all for part 1, I'm starting to get dirty looks for being on the computer for so long ;) I'll blog more about our super fun time tomorrow!!! Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My 3d accomplishments ;)

A 3D list of things to do.

Make 100 percent on my spelling test...

Read a whole book with very little help...

Teach Mommy how to make a cheese sandwich using "chiz, sanich, and a pate"...

Make Mommy extreeeemly proud...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going "solo" with Rachels Nikon D40

Just in case you were wondering, I use a Nikon D40 to photograph my children. It's my sister-in-laws camera. She so graciously lets me use it whenever I feel the urge to take pics...which is all of the time. I ALWAYS use the automatic setting on the camera. Although it is a wonderful camera, when it is on the automatic setting, its about as useful as my ole point and shoot. Well, actually, the pictures have better quality, but it still isn't...hmmmmm, what I would like it to be.

Today (yesterday actually), I decided to abandon the automatic setting and go off on a f stop, shutter speed, iso, white something or the other adventure. I have decided to replace all of the time I spend on facebook (thank you Kristen for helping me realize that I to spent too much time on line) with this camera and my darling d's...and my most patient, awesome, wonderful, deserving husband. Today, my pictures were kind of a disaster, but not too bad for my first day. I am ordering a book called Nikon D40 for dummies, lots of people have said it was very useful. If anyone has any tips, please, please, please!!!! feel free to add them to my comments.

And, I know that this one is way too dark. But look what little d can do!!! She can balance her baby on her head!!! Can you???

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kevins "God will get your goat" story

Do Not Read This To Small Children...

Wednesday night, before the making of the valentines and boxes. A sweet Gentleman named Kevin gathered our youth, especially the little ones, in a circle and told them this "sweet"...not really...actually, rather gory story. If you start to get sick while reading it, just remember that our little guys sat ALL the way through it. I'm going to try and tell it just as he did and not leave out any of the details. Northsiders, if I leave any details out, just post them as a comment. Here goes...

"Kids! I need everyone to gather in a circle over here. I've got a story to tell you. We have lots of baby goats at our house. We've been having the hardest time with these goats. We have two big white dogs. Well, we had two big white dogs until I shot one of them. I shot one of them because it kept ripping the heads off the baby goats and bringing the body up on the front porch and leaving it there. And we would come home and there would be this bloody, headless baby goat laying on our porch...anyway, I shot the dog because it just wouldn't learn. Things were okay for a few days, but then the momma goats started starving the baby goats. So we had to put a few baby goats in a pen with a foster nanny. You know how it goes right? We put feed in there for her, she ate it, and she fed them. Well, one day I went to the pen to check on the baby goats and one was maaaaaaing real loud and laying on its side. I went to the goat and its belly was swelled great big around *shows about the size of a basketball with hands* and its little legs were all sticking straight out *demonstrates how its legs are straight out*. So I picked the baby goat up and took it into the house and called the vet. The vet said to pump the gaby goats stomach. I know how to do that, I have a big hose to do it with, so that's what I did. I stuck the hose down the baby goats throat and guess what??? I got nothing. I called the vet back and he said I that I needed to take a big sirenge and suck the air out of the baby goat. Kids, do ya ll know what a syringe is??? Its a needle thing that the doctor uses to give you a shot with. But this syringe is much bigger *shows how much bigger the syringe is including the size the needle might be*. The vet told me to measure between the ribcage and (I cant remember what) something and take the syringe and stab the baby goat and suck the air out. So I did just what the vet told me to do. I measured, I stabbed and guess what??? *makes air escaping quickly through small hole noise* It worked! So here I am just stabbing this little baby goat every where I see air. And before I knew it, I fixed that baby goat and It was up walking around again. The next day I came home from work and I heard a familiar noise. I went to the pen and saw the brown baby goat laying on its side, legs all stuck out, belly swollen. I said, I know just what to do! I took that baby goat inside, got out the syringe, Shane held the baby goats head, and I pulled that needle back and stabbed it. Guess what??? Nothing. You can ask Shane, that baby goat rolled its eyes back and it died. I thought I was gonna save that baby goat, just like I saved that baby goat yesterday. I didn't give God any credit for saving my goat. I took all the credit for saving my baby goat. You see what happens when you forget to thank God for saving your goats??? He will get your goat!"

I don't know if it was just me, but...that story was not exactly pg 13. We were all actually giggling to ourselves while "comforting" our children. Kevin actually is a fine christian man. He little too graphic for little guys.

Here are some of Kevin's goats...or shall we say were some of Kevin's goats...Remember??? God got one of them. *strong humor, really strong humor*

Hope everyone has a blessed night, and that you learned something from this very graphic story :)

She won't look at the camera anymore

Happy late Valentine's day!!! I tried to take pics of the kiddos in between services yesterday cuz they were so darn cute. Sundays are the busiest days of the week for us. And the most exhausting. If you throw a holiday in there...uggh! Chaos in the Morris family!
Our valentine exchange went really well. I think the elderly really enjoyed making valentines for our youth. And I know that the little guys enjoyed passing out the roses and hand made valentines to our widowed elderly. Here are some of the pics I took yesterday. As you will notice, Little d will not look at the camera anymore and this really upsets me. She does it on purpose. I've tried tricking and bribing her and still, she looks in any direction but at the camera. I hope this is just a stage that she will quickly grow out of. I am one frustrated mommy!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow! What else would it be???

Did I ever mention that I hated snow? Well, I do. I can't stand the stuff. Snow just means that it's cold enough to do that, and I HATE cold! I am a straight up summer time girl. I am one of those who love it when the temperature hits three digits. I know, weird?! This makes it a little er? hmm?! hard on my Ds to to outside to play in this repulsive stuff. I'm usually not ever up for it.

But, I guess thats why God gave them a mommy and a daddy. Steven doesn't detest the stuff like I do. He gets excited right along with the kids. Snow means he doesn't have to go to the office. Snow means he gets to sleep in. Snow means he gets to spend (most of the time) one on one time with the d's because I'm not going out there! And thats what he did. Took big d outside into the cold, white, mushy stuff. Middle d and Little d were napping. Anyway, look what they did...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes I feel bad for sending my d's to public school. I miss 6 hours of their lives five days a week, 9 months out of the year. So far, public school has not been a negative experience for my children. They are educated and have lots of friends. Along with education, they have the greatest little stories to share with me. Every day that I drop them off, I tell them to do something to make me proud. And when I pick them up, I ask them what they did. Sometimes it's something as simple as choosing white milk over chocolate milk, but there always super excited about telling me what they did. Every day, I miss them...but am sooo excited to see them when they come home. And days like today, It is definitely a justified decision.

This is big d's best friend "C"

This is middle d's best friend "D"...sticking to his own letter :)

And this is "B". I decided today that middle d will marry her when they grow up. She is cute, sweet, pretty, adorable, precious, name it, she is it.

Today I am all for public primary and elementary school. But, when my d's reach middle and high school, my decision may change. Right now, I'm just enjoying them, enjoying themselves while learning.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, the preparations!

Tonight we started the preparations for our valentines celebration at church on Sunday. Amy, my wonderful sister in Christ, and I came up with the "brilliant" idea of making valentine boxes or bags for all of our youth groupers so that the other members of the church could participate in a valentine exchange.

This box making project was scheduled for last Monday...stupid snow and ice!

Anyway, we did it tonight. In the beginning, It was more than hectic. But it turned out great. My "sisters" Amy, Cindy, Miranda, and Barbara were lots and lots of help.

Even though this lil' adventure was a bit chaotic, I'm glad we did it. I'm so very thankful for "sisters" like them. They can make anything fun...or at least amusing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

what plans????

Today, I had plans. I had plans to rise and shine early, get all 3d's ready, drop the two oldest off at school, drop my Steven off at the church building, take little d to the doctor, call astra zeneca and argue my "prescription savings plan" with them, go valentine shopping at wal-mart while waiting to pick up a prescription, pick up Steven from the office and have a nice lunch out with him, pick up my d's a little early, take them home and fill out valentines for their class mates, bathe and feed everyone, load them back up, take them to the devotional, make valentines for the elderly and shut ins, make valentine boxes with the youth, come back home, shush the kiddos off to bed, and spend the rest of the "quiet" evening with my super sweet hubby...

Nature had different plans. I thought it odd this morning when I walked outside to crank the car and it looked like it had snowed, and then rained on top of it. It was even more strange when I was driving on the highway and cars were passing me with like two inches of snow piled on their roofs. It was pouring rain. I must've missed something somewhere along the way. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention to anything else around me and I was just focusing on my "plan" By the time I dropped Steven off at the building, it was snowing big huge flakes!!! Odd, when I left it was raining and 10 minutes later it was snowing!?!? Anyway, when I got home I called the doctors office, discussed little d's problems with the receptionist, she scheduled me an appointment at 1:45 but also warned me that the office would close early if school closed early. She put me on hold, and came back 10 seconds later to tell me that school was going to be released at 10:30! Do the appointment today. She suggested that I take little d to the E.R., that is soooo not my favorite place to be. I decided to wait until tomorrow and schedule an appointment with the doctor instead. Not that E.R.s are bad or anything, I just don't want to traumatize my daughter at such a young age. She needs personal, one on one, care.
I picked up my d's and went to walmart anyway. We decided to write out valentines AND make candy bags. We used team work and got it done in an astonishing 4 (yes 4) hours. Little d, only made it through about 1 of those hours. She decided she would take her motrined/cough syrup up'ed self and watch some good ole' "We buzh Yightyeah"...

We worked on the valentines for a little while longer, and had some great conversation. I enjoyed them sooo much. These unexpected, unplanned snow days sometimes take me by surprise...sometimes a not so pleasant surprise. But today was a day that I embraced my privilege of being a 3d mommy and gave it all I had...

with a HUGE success!!! I love them! Love, love, love them!!!

By the way, check out middle d's super sweet handwriting. Love it!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Tonight, while the rest of the world was busy watching the super bowl. My hubby and I were busy "hosting" our favorite friends, Randy and Cindy and there super sweet daughter, (d)eanna, and her sweet boyfriend thing Ronnie. I've always considered the fact that we might be nerds, but tonight was definitely a major eye opener for me. We excitedly, voluntarily, enthusiastically, played Scrabble! Actually the four of us girls played scrabble, and I think the boys Anyway, I had a blast! Rachel, is the greatest word-maker-upper in the world!!! And "company d" gave me a run for my money. We were neck and nect the entire game. She beat me by 8 points though...sad. I could ramble on and on about this super fun night, but I would just be proving my title more and more...I'm a nerd :P

Here's a pic for you. It's totally unrelated to my nerd fest I had tonight, but it sure is cute.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Date

Today, my hubby and I got to go on an all day Valentines date!!! Our wonderful sister in christ, Cindy, came to our house and watched all three d's so that we could share this day together. Aren't people like her wonderful? She was willing to spend nine straight hours with our d's. She was also willing to watch them knowing that one of my precious d's bit...sickish.

Steven and I rarely get the chance to date each other anymore. Life with our 3d's can be very demanding. With Valentines day falling on a Sunday this year and with Steven being a preacher, I planned ahead (yay for me!!! this never happens).

We were so excited about this date. We decided to go shopping for our selves, see a movie, and eat somewhere without a drive-thru. You know, make it a romantic, selfish, and kid free kind of day.

Do you know what we did? The first place we went was Target (my favorite). Do you know what we purchased at Target? Valentines day stuff for the kiddos. After Target we went to the Mall. Do you know where we went in the mall? To the Childrens place of course. We had to look for Easter dresses for the girly d's. And then we went to Hobby Lobby. What for? More Valentines day stuff for the kids. Do you know what movie we saw? We didnt! With the exception of the Princess and the Frog, we don't have a clue what any of them are about. Oh, I left out the part where we went to books-a-million and searched for comic books that might be on a middle d level. We did manage to make it to Red Lobster though. Steven ordered crab legs, and that made me miss Big D. She and Steven always share them and joke about eating "someones hands". The whole way home we talked about our d's and how there just growing up right before our eyes, and how sad we were because of it. We were so excited to get home to our "babies" and hold them. That was my favorite part of the day, all of the "mommieeeeeeees" I got when I got home.

Thank you Cindy. You provided us with a much needed day to be selfish and kid-free!...kind of ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Dominick stuff

Dom: "Mommy, when does numbers end?"
Me: "They don't"
Dom: "what comes after a million?"
Me: "a million and one of course"
Dom: "Ooohhh! I thought it just ended."


about a minute later...

Dom: "Why do people die?"
Me: "So they can go to heaven."
Dom: "That's the only way you get there?"
Me: "Yup"
Dom: "When I die and go to heaven, I'm gonna be a fighter!"
Me: "What do you mean Dominick?"
Dom: "You know, in the lords army, like the song."
Me: "ooohhkay"
Dom: "Mommy, what if I die in heaven fighting in the lords army?"
Me: "You're not gonna die in heaven Dominick, you'll live forever."
Dom: "Cool! I'm just gonna fight and be fighting for the lord forever."

*Sigh* That little boy. What am I gonna do with him...