Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 minutes with Middle D

Mommy, if I eat too much, will I blow up?
Mommy, Can I roll the window down?
Mommy, Why is my head bigger than Devan and Diamonds?
Mommy, Can I have a piece of candy?
Mommy, Does the moon really have a face?
Mommy, Can I just fly to the moon without being an astronaut?
Mommy, What is a chicken nugget made of?
Real chickens and what kind of flowers?
Mommy, Are corn dogs really made from corn and dogs?
Oh yeah, then why do they call them corn dogs?
Then how do you know a chicken nugget is really made of chicken?
Mommy, how do you kill a chicken?
Mommy, Who knew they could kill a chicken and make chicken nuggets out of it?
Was it McDonald's?
Mommy, Will smarties really make you smart?
Do smarties make your brain bigger?
Is that why my head is bigger than Devan and Diamonds?
Mommy, If I eat alot and lot of smarties, will my head explode?
Will smarties go everywhere?
Can we eat them if it does?
Why do I have to be quiet?
Does that get on your nerves?
What does annoy you mean?
Is that the same as getting on your nerves?
Does Devan have to be quiet too?

...A few minutes later...

Mommy, Can I watch a movie?...


  1. HAHA! Oh my! I think this could be something to look forward to? haha

  2. I'm thinking Stephen & I should bring a big bag of smarties home from Russellville. Of course they probably won't survive the trip.....

  3. That should be shared with people who read funny articles in Children magazine.