Monday, April 25, 2011

This one's for you, Mama

I gave little d a chocolate bunny.  Before I gave it to her, I made it talk to her.  They must have had a fifteen minute long conversation.  They talked about life and how that was going.  They talked about Easter and how excited they were.  She loved him by the end of the conversation.  I gave him to her and she looked at him, a little worried, a little hesitant, and then she BIT HIS EARS OFF!  I was devastated!  This was not going as I planned at all.  She was supposed to do what I did.  She was supposed to "just lick" him!  She wasn't supposed to be so heartless about it!

As soon as she bit his ears off, I made the bunny scream!  He cried out "Why are you eating me?!  Why are you doing this?"....."It hurts!"....

and that little stinker said "Yeah, but you nummy!"

What is wrong with her?!

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