Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Tonight, I made a special dinner for the kiddos.

Cup cakes were the main course.....

and we had fried sunny side up eggs for dessert!  Yum!

I also gave them very special "juice" tonight.

They had a little trouble getting it out of their sippy cups!....cuz it was jello!

Big D had a little trouble eating the "cup cakes".  I guess meat loaf and purple mashed potatoes aren't on her list of favorites!  Everyone enjoyed their "fried eggs"!  Vanilla yogurt and peaches are always a hit at our house!  And who doesn't love slurping jello through a straw?!

No, I didn't think of this on my own.  I got it from another blog I follow and if I knew how to insert a link to it, it would, but I don' oh well.

I can't wait till next year!  I have soooo many neat ideas!.....!!!!!!!!!! (just a few more exclamation points, just in case you didn't notice how excited I was about this meal!)

Happy April Fools, Everyone!!!!!!

ps:  I don't have any pics of the kiddos enjoying this delicious meal because my flippin battery died right before I served them! : (


  1. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO NEAT! And you totally had me tricked! I didn't know it was an April Fool's post at all and the egg's totally looked real! I thought the cupcakes were just one of the crunchy granola hippy mom's healthy cupcake crap things. LOL

    I caw you had mentioned a taco soup diinner with corn chips on the Duggar's blog... I have honestly never had taco soup in my life! It sounded SO GOOD when you wrote about it... would you write a blog post with the recipe and a picture pretty please? I'm sure I could find a recipe online but something about the way you talked about it made me really excited for YOUR taco soup. LOL I also love the fact, reading your blog, that we are the same age and it makes me feel more personable with you. I can aspire to be a better cook, because, look, here's someone who is my age, who is a mom, and she gets along just fine. What's my excuse? lol