Friday, April 8, 2011

More "skinny" on Disney

There was nothing sweeter than watching ALL 3 of my d's meet the Princesses.  Middle d was the least excited to be meeting these "all ready married" beauties, but after he met with them, he couldn't stop talking about it.  In the picture below, Big D was explaining to Cinderella that little d was not really a dragon, even though she and her big brother gave another impression.

Sleeping Beauty was just kind of laid back and happily took pictures with my dragons kiddos.

Princess Belle was most cautious of middle d.  She was very concerned and obviously scared of dragons.

Middle d swiped the glasses off his head to prove he wasn't a real dragon and she was just delighted!  She asked him if she could ever be a dragon.  He replied "No, you will always be a princess!"

In the end, he promised to grow up and be a knight in shining armor!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!

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