Monday, April 18, 2011

A quick weekend recap

Saturday, A.M.

Big D and Middle d's last soccer games.  They had double headers.  They ended their season UNDEFEATED!!!  Go Little Bearcats!!!  Poor Middle d got very little action in his goalie box.  He was often spotted making dust tornadoes or just staring with his head cocked sideways.

 Big D got a lot more action during the second game!  They barely won that game.  Barely, as in, the score was 4 - 3!  Phew!  That was a tough team to beat!

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(moving on)

Saturday, P.M.

Game night at the church building.

"Whose line is it anyway" themed game night.  This particular game was called "How may I help you".  Steven collected strange items for weeks to get ready for this one.  One person had a "problem" and the other had to convince them that "this" particular item was just what they needed to fix what ever their problem was.  S was a bit paranoid and needed a home security system.  Z thought a black kettle would fix all of his problems.  It was heavy and sturdy, and black so you couldn't see it in the dark.  S was a little scared of it at first, but eventually was won over and thought it would be most useful.

Big D couldn't set the clock on her DVD player.  I had just the perfect thing to help her!  An old, silver, springy wisk!  It wouldn't set the clock, but it would provide her with hours and hours of entertainment!  She would have so much fun with it, that she wouldn't worry about the clock anymore!  She was pretty pleased as she walked away with her brand new old, "dingle hopper"!

Look, Mom!  It's me!

 Little d was just a dragon slayer all night!..... : /  I worry about that child!  I really do!

K had the perfect thing to help Middle with his narcolepsy.  She agreed to follow him around with this...thing (not sure what it was) and if he fell asleep, she would simply beat him in the head until he woke up!  Brilliant, she is!  Just brilliant!

S lost his legs, but happily comando crawled away with the one and only phone that connects you straight to the "used legs" morgue store.

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (moving on, again)

Sunday, A.M.,  2011

Little d,  three years old

 Sunday, A.M., 2005
Big D, three years old

Crazy, huh?!

Happy Monday, Everyone!!!

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  1. hey my name is teresa i am 14 and i loved your picks i dont think i have seen a family have that much fun! hope yall keep it up. its familys like yall that keep us smiling on a rainy day.God bless yall