Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just soccer stuff

Having three kidlets in soccer has completely consumed all of my free time for the past three months.  Being at the soccer field four and sometimes five days a week can be a bit exhausting.  It can also be a bit lonely.  Sure, I'm with my kids, but I'm not hanging out with them, I'm watching them hang out with other people.  I almost feel bad for letting them play such a time consuming sport.  I miss my evenings with them.  Evenings when we just hang out and read or play games or attempt to cook something new.  We leave for practice as soon as the d's step off the bus Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  Sometimes we are at the field from 4:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.!  We have games every Saturday.  Sometimes, both teams have games, sometimes they have "double headers" (two games, one day, with about an hour of free time between).  Sometimes, the first five hours of our Saturday is spent at the field!

I do enjoy watching them though!  I especially love watching their games!  I love watching Middle dive and catch the occasional ball that gets past the "defenders" (Big D and the only other girl).  He always has such a determined look on his face!  Big D is fierce!  She rarely misses a beat when it comes to "defending" the goal...and the goalie!  And little d is the perfect team sport.  She has a hard time keeping up with those speedy quick boys, but she gives it all she's got.  Poor baby, I think she could run a lot faster if she would stop looking at me and smiling so much!  She loves being on that field!

Big D and Middle d scored an awesome trio of coaches this year!  Their coaches are fresh out of high school and currently in college, but completely obsessed with soccer!  I was a little skeptical about their coaches at first.  With names like C-wag and G-dog (or something like that), who wouldn't be?!  But these guys are amazing!  They know their stuff and are really great with children!  They're strict but believe in having fun at the same time.  Middle d has a coach all to himself.  "C-wag" has really taught him to be a great goalie!  I could go on forever, but I'll spare you and just move on!


Both sets of teams have also only lost one game this whole season!  The game the older d's lost was one we all had a few complaints about as far as the "other" coach and "method of coaching" was concerned.  So, we don't really count that as a loss.  They are great and amazing kids!  I am so blessed to have them!  I miss them like crazy these days!  And I am actually excited about this season ending in two weeks!  I don't think they are though!  I think they would play all year if they could!

That's all for now.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!


  1. I look forward to getting Benjamin into things like soccer, but I understand what you say about your time with them. I love my time with Benjamin. I am sure I would feel a little lost if I didn't have this time. Thanks for the insight!!

  2. I am so ready to Reagan into soccer! My school only had it my senior year but I loved it. She's already been kicking her ball around for months now. Maybe there's some natural talent. :)

  3. @Kristen, Did I mention that Steven was in school full time?! I'm hoping we will be a little more organized by next season. It is so weird to be watching my d's and be missing them at the same time!

    @Micah, Soccer registration starts at 2 here! Diamond started when she was two and absolutely loved it! I think she loves the praises that we give her the most tho! ;)

  4. just came across your blog! love it!