Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few of my favorite Easter-y things

 1.  Rainbows. I love rainbows,  especially rainbow colored drinks.

2.  Peeps.  Oh so yummy, sugary, squishy, marshmallow-y, bird and bunny shaped peeps.

3.  Little d's who like to pretend that their mommy isn't standing right in front of them with a camera...

3.  Glow in the dark egg hunts with the youth group and super sized prize eggs.

4.  Surprise Easter cakes, from Miss Mary :)  YUMMM!

5.  Grandparents traveling 13 hours to spend the holiday weekend with us.

 6.  little d's last soccer game.

7.  Easter bunnies that know how to rock an Easter basket! *ahem*

8.  Daddy with his little girlies.

9.  Semi decent pictures of all three D's and myself.

10.  Easter dinner surrounded by people who love each other like mad!

11.  Easter egg hunts, at night, because it rained ALL day!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!

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