Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Disney World

Okay, since the thought of blogging about our trip to Disney World is kinda sorta waaay too over whelming to me right now, I've decided to give y'all the skinny!

We drove for a grand total of 20 hours to arrive at the most magical place on earth, Disney World.  Three kids and T.B. all cramped together in one back seat was a bit trying at times, but over all, we managed just fine.  Big D and Middle d had their Nintendo ds' to keep them highly entertained, and little d and T.B.  had a dvd player with several new Disney movies to watch to keep themselves entertained.  little d also did some reading when nothing else would calm T.B. down.  :0)

So, here we are, all five of us!  This was our first day at Disney World!

I seen a lot of these wonderful smiles, and characters too!

Disney didn't disappoint!  Even their "mouse keepers" were fabulous!  little d found T.B. reading a peter pan story when we arrived back to our hotel room one night.  She was all like, "T.B.!  What are you doin?!"  and "That's the sto-we I read to you!"  She was even more convinced that T.B. was real after this day!

I love parades! Who doesn't?!  I especially love parades that consist of Disney characters that vary in different shapes and sizes...and movies.
"Me, Woody!  Me!"  I'm wight here!"
These ugly stepsisters were the best!  While they weren't smiling their snotty grins and pretending to adore the crowds, they were busy bickering and trying to knock each other down.  They had Big D and myself just rolling in laughter!

Only at Disney do you get an electrical light parade at nearly midnight.  The Cheshire cat would disappear, leaving only his Cheshire moon grin, and poor Alice was clueless, and seemed to be lost!

Here's how we began our days.....all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

....and here's how they ended!

Middle d was lucky enough to celebrate his 7th birthday while we were at Disney!  This day will forever be sketched in my memory, because it was a beautiful day, and he reminds me at least twice a day!  I think every employee at Disney wished him a Happy Birthday.  In the picture below, we were sitting in animal kingdom watching one of the daily parades, and one of the "stilt guys" wished him a Happy Birthday.  The "stilt guy" asked him how old he was and md said "seven!".  The guy then turned to crowd and said "He's seventeen!  Everyone wish him a Happy Birthday!"... "Hey! Aren't you a bit short for seventeen?!"...This is the grin I got!  It's priceless!

I'll stop here for tonight and pick back up tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!

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