Thursday, April 29, 2010

Were busy living

Today we found out that our hard ware/ whatever you wanna call it store has baby ducks and chickens. Little d found the ducks and chickens quite fascinating.

But, obviously the rest of the store was quite...boring :) Yes, little d is fast asleep.

Later, little d declared that she was no longer a "dagon" but instead a "shicken"! She makes more sence as a "shicken" seeing as we call her our little bird anyway.

We also had our next to last soccer game tonight, which we won!!! I love, love, love it! Oh yeah, both of the d's scored a goal. So, double yay!!!

And to top it off, a little grocery shopping alone with all of the d's completed our day. I actually don't mind shopping with them. There excellent helpers and great entertainment.

That's pretty much it. Were living over here in our world. It's good stuff. Real good stuff!

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