Sunday, April 11, 2010

Look what God did!

This morning in class, little d's lesson was about God giving us flowers and trees. I talked with her quickly about how God gave us lots of things and really stressed flowers and trees. We drew pictures of flowers and trees, read books about flowers and trees, and eventually walked outside to "find" flowers and trees and thank God for giving us flowers and trees.

While we were outside, little d pointed out all of the things that she knew the names for. She new most everything but occasionally I got a "Mommy? Who dat?" and I gave her the answer, she repeated it, and thanked God for it. She liked this game and decided to turn the table. She would run to something and "Who dat?" it. I would say what ever it was and she would say "Yep, tank eew God." Sometimes she'd say, "Mommy. See dat? God did it!"

We got back in time for the first bell to ring. I encouraged her to "help" clean up the mess we had made. And she simply replied:

"Mommy?!? God did it! God make mess me." God keen up mess me. Tank eew God!"

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