Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Saturdays

I haven't blogged much the past couple of weeks because we've been so busy. We start early in the morning and just keep going straight into the evening. Time seems to be flying by lately. Spring makes me happy...beyond happy actually!

Last Saturday, we arose bright and shiny in the morning so that we could go to the bigger d's 9 a.m. soccer game. I love it when games are early in the morning! The bigger d's seem to love it as well. They won! This is the fourth game in a row that they have won. I'm sure it is really good for their ego. I know it is for mine ;) I'm gonna take a second and brag just a little...We beat them 16 - 3! And my middle d scored two of those goals! Big D didn't score any goals because she was "defender" (goalie) most of the game.

After our 9 a.m. game that ended at almost 11 we headed home for some lunch. I bathed the d's and got them ready for the 2 o'clock birthday party we were invited to by our soccer coach. At 3:30 we left the birthday party and headed over to another "fabulous" birthday bash that ended at...well I don't know when it ended. But I know we left at around 9 p.m. Did I mention that this was Steven's only Saturday off this month? Well, it was.

Sunday morning, we arose bright and shiny again to worship. We had a meeting after worship that lasted until 2 p.m. We drove home from that meeting only to turn around at 5 p.m and drive back to the church building for some more soul warming worship. After worship, we went to an un-birthday party at the Websters home and were there until 10 p.m. And Monday? Well it was just as busy and ended with a migraine that lasted a full 24 hours. Needless to say, I am exhausted. I'm sure this blog wasn't interesting at all, but we can't win em all huh?

But speaking of interesting, little d wore the same pair of panties for six hours today! Middle d has a loose tooth and he read almost all of green eggs and ham! And Big D's front top tooth finally popped through a little bit. Hopefully it will start to show before her other two loose teeth come out!

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