Saturday, April 24, 2010

I heart birthday parties!

We went to a special birthday party today. It was one of those "thank God! We've survived that first year" parties...or you can just call it a "first birthday" if you like to keep it simple :)

It was a fabulous monkey themed party! This momma can plan one heck of a party! Today I learned that you can hot glue ribbon on basically any thing and make it beautiful! Did I mention that little man's name is David and that he is my favorite one year old little boy ever?!? Did ya notice the letter that his name started with? I could just take him home and he would fit right in! And, I would take him home!...If his parents would let me!

I guess I'm a little oblivious to the world of birthday parties. I was raised as a Jehovahs witness. We did not celebrate birthdays for the fear of being "too worldly". Occasionally, my grandmother went against my parents wishes and threw my brother and I a birthday party, but never a "grand" party such as this one! I try my best to throw my d's grand and memorable parties. I don't see how celebrating ones birthday could be classified as worldly. I see it as another wonderful milestone. But thats my opinion...and we all know what they say about those :/

Sorry, that was way off path! We had a super time at the party. With only one minor accident. Lets just say that Big D is 7, and seven year olds are a little...strange.

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  1. Thank you for your help i would have never pulled it off without you. Can't wait to decorate for the baby shower next. Let me know if you need my help for the birthday party coming up because i owe you big time.