Monday, May 3, 2010

Our project didn't "flop"

About a week ago I took a trip to my new favorite store. You know, the one that you don't go to unless you have lots of money to spare. Well, I didn't have lots of money to spare but I went any way. Hobby Lobby.

Need I say more?!?

I don't remember the reason why I went to this wonderful store, because I didn't get anything but ribbon. Lots.Of.Ribbon. This marvelous store was selling this beautiful stuff for half off! Made my day :)

Big D and I took some of this ribbon tonight and started and finished a project.

We took her ordinary black flip flops.

And we made them Extraordinary black and purple flip flops! TaaDaa!!!

They're not perfect in any way. But the conversation was amazing and I love spending one on one time with my sweet girly.

Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. LOVE Hobby Lobby! The flip flops turned out super cute!