Thursday, April 22, 2010

Middle d's "program"

I've heard about it for weeks. I've listened to him recite his "speaking lines". I've watched him as he anxiously prepared for "his part". I've never seen a 6 year old so nervous about picking out his perfect "dressy outfit". He went through 3 different shirt and tie combos to find the "right one". He wanted to look his best...and he did.

I knew this was gonna be a big deal as soon as he started worrying about his outfit. He doesn't normally ever care what he wears. He was also very adamit about what "what time it was". From the time we picked him up from school until 6:30 all he could talk about was the "program" and not "being late". He must've asked me what time it was a thousand times.

When he got home from school, he was on his "very best behavior". He did all of his chores with out being asked. He did his reading so carefully and perfect. He made sure his fingernails were "dirt free" before he got out of the bath. (we usually have a problem with dirty fingernails and he has to get back in the tub till there clean...I have a few issues. I'm working on them). The whole 6 minute drive it takes to get to school, this normally too chatty little boy was silent. Off in the world of "programs".

We arrived promptly at 6:45, right on time. I walked my little man to his kindergarten class room where he joined his classmates. He went straight to his chair and sat down, hands folded together. And I watched him for a minute...And that's when my heart got all warm and fuzzy and the tears started coming. My six year old little boy was soon to "graduate" from kindergarten into the world of grades with actual numbers. And although I am proud of him...I am sad. Where did the time go? Where is my baby boy? Who is this kid?

His "program" was beautiful. He did fabulous. He spoke loud and clear. He was right on time with all of their hand and foot motions. He sang loud with the rest of his class. But the best part was that he looked at me and smiled at me the whole program. And I smiled back and tears fell down my face the whole time. It was beautiful. He was beautiful.

When it was over and I went to his classroom to pick him up. He said "Mommy I know why you were crying." I said "you do?" And he said "Yep, it's because I maked you proud. Didn't I?"...and then more tears followed. He does make me proud. Especially on occasions like that!

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