Saturday, April 3, 2010


My little d woke up a happy little d this morning. Look over her bed head and snotty nose. Look at what she is doing.

Did you notice??? That blond headed blue eyed babe is lookin' right at me. And she is smiling! Cross your fingers and hope that she is over her "I refuse to look at you or smile while you're trying to take a picture" stage. It has been a long 4 or five months...

Oh yeah, check out middle d's "woody buzz light year boo boos" aren't they the greatest boo boos (if you have to have boo boos) ever?

She thinks so too!

....not really, band aids make her crazy and hysterical. She freaks out. I think she thinks that band aids are what make boo boos. We were hoping the new band aids would help her out a little...but so far, no such luck. Any suggestions?


  1. I totally noticed it by about the third photo! Yay!

    I have no suggestions for the band aid complex there!!

  2. The second D is six now...