Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet middle D, you are six!

Middle D, My dear sweet only son! Today we celebrate you!

My baby boy, you are six! That's beyond a whole hand! All day I have reminised the past six years. Today I thought about the three surgeries I had while pregnant with you. And I am still just as amazed that you fought so hard for your little precious life. After every surgery I anxiously waited for the ultrasound to prove that you were still with me. And after every one, there you were "still kickin" literally. We went through alot together before I ever met you!

You were born three weeks ahead of schedule weighing a whole 6 lbs. and 11 ozs. A perfect blond, curly headed, blue eyed baby boy. Mommys little man :)

You, middle D, took me by complete surprise. At the age of three weeks, Doctor. T diagnosed you with what he called "the most severe case of separation anxiety that he had ever seen". I was the only one you let hold you and you had to be snuggled right next to my heart or your world ended. You were lost with out me. And my dear son, I'd be the exact same way without you. Happy birthday my sweet only son. I love you and hope that we always have our "lost without you" bond. ~Mommy