Tuesday, March 9, 2010

from the mouth of babes

md: "Mommy? Do we have soccer today?

me: "yup, at 5:30"

md: "Mommy? What time is it?"

me: "Its almost 4:00"

md: "Mommy? Where are we going now"

me: "To baptize Ronnie."

md: "Why?"

Big D: "So Ronnie can go to heaven."

md: *shocked, scared, terrified, teary eyed* "Mommy?"

me: "What's the matter Dom?"

md: "Ronnie's gonna die today?"

me: "No silly goose! When Ronnie dies, he will go to heaven."

md: "You mean were all gonna die?"

me: "yeah, someday."

md: "Oooohhh, I thought only old people died!"....


  1. haha...I love how kids don't realize we'll all be old one day. :) They always say the cutest things.

  2. awwh! Your Middle D is so sweet!