Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

Did ya notice the title of my post? Yup! It's the date. A. Very. Important. Date. It's 3d Daddy's birthday! This day has been a very busy day. We started it off with lunch at Really Great Pizza (it doesn't live up to its name) My favorite little lady from church took Steven and I both out for his birthday lunch. Steven picked the place...bluck!

After the two hour lunch, we took little d to the park so that she could run around and burn off some of that two hour built up energy. She absolutely loves the park. She will climb anything. And today we found out that she will slide down anything by HERSELF. This little tot apparently isn't afraid of anything!

We picked up Rachel from work, dropped her off at school, picked up the older d's from school, came home, got ready and were off to soccer practice. Soccer practice is one of my favorite things to do. I don't really know why...Yeah I do, I love to watch them play! Don't we all though? Middle d got his red jersey today, number 13. Big D will keep her same number from last year which I am very pleased about. Her number is 7. A) It rhymes with Devan (I'm corny, I know) and B) It's her age (yeah, I know more corny). There first game is Saturday. They seem to be doing alot better than last season. My hopes are high! GOOOOO team RED!!! Big D is the one in the skirt by the way. Silly girl ;)

Oh yeah, Stevens birthday. I'm so easily distracted by those d's.

The wonderful Websters took all of us out for Stevens birthday. Aren't they great?!? We ate Chinese. Yummy! Is it odd that I look forward to eating onion rings at the Chinese restaurant? The food was good, the company was great.

This was my favorite part.

I received strange text messages all day. Strange questions, really strange questions. But as soon as I saw that marvelous basket of goodies, it all made perfect sense. This basket was full of all of Stevens favorite snacks and candy. How clever! The pics aren't very clear, but you get the general idea. Is it wrong that I've decided to copy her idea and I will probably do the same thing when her birthday rolls around next year???


  1. I can't wait to be a soccer mom!! I'm not wishing away her childhood, but I love watching little kids play sports! Happy Birthday Steven!

  2. Hope he had a good birthday!