Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soccer game no.2

Today we played our second soccer game. As hard as they played, they still lost. Sad, I know. However, I did manage to capture a cute pic of my d's! This is how they are naturally. There always bumping nogins'! Why not shoot it? Right?

Last season, Big D cried every time we lost (we lost all but one). This season, she hasn't cried at all! Yay Big D!!!

Keep your eyes open for tomorrows post! I'm excited about it! Cant hardly wait!!!


  1. Maybe next time!

    Ok so you guys are coming to Memphis, right?? I am SOOOO excited!!!

  2. What's tomorrow's post gonna be about?

  3. Kristen, the original plan was for us all to go to Memphis. We changed them last minute, due to, we have WAY too much going on here to leave. So, Steven will be the only one going. Maybe next year!