Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Girl, You are 2.

Two years ago, on this day. Sweet little d, you arrived twenty days early at 9:01 p.m. . A 7lb 4oz 21 1/2 inch long bundle of pure sweetness.

Twenty three months ago, you exhausted us with all of your confusion as to why any one would ever sleep...EVER!

Twenty two months ago, you amused us with all of your sweet rantings. You would ramble on and on about everything. And you gave us your first smile :)

Twenty one months ago, you scared us with your first ear infection. Mommy and Daddy spent there first anniversary with you in the E.R.

Twenty months ago, you ate your first solid food. You also made it very clear to us that you didn't like anything that wasn't orange or yellow.

Nineteen months ago, you delighted us with your first burst of extreme happiness, you laughed out loud.

Eighteen months ago, you spoke your first word "dada" and in the same month, mastered 6 other words. You also gave us our first full nights sleep since your arrival.

Seventeen months ago, you coordinated waving your hand and saying hey-hey at the same time.

Sixteen months ago, you once again exhausted us by not sleeping through the night the entire month, waking up multiple times per night. You also started fake sneezing and coughing :)

Fifteen months ago, you didn't need us as a way of transportation. You started crawling and decided that you would get around by your self...ALL of The time!!!

Fourteen months ago, you made your brothers bedroom your favorite place to ransack, and grew your first two teeth.

Thirteen months ago, you grew a little bit of desperately needed hair. You also decided that bookshelves were not for storing books and toys...EVER!

Twelve months ago, We celebrated as you took your first steps and had your first birthday.

Seven months ago, You decided that you weren't gonna let us feed you anymore and that you were going to feed yourself. You decided this at Larry and Jan Atchleys house. They were having soup...need I say more?

Four months ago, you officially started sleeping through every night and celebrated your second Christmas. You figured that present unwrapping thing out, and it was on from there :) You also became obsessed with Toy Story. Woody and buzz started out as "weedy booze"

Two months ago, you amazed us and started putting sentences together by your self. Woody and buzz became "we boze"

One month ago, you once again amazed us by adding over 50 new words to your vocabulary. Woody and buzz became "We Buzsh"

Two weeks ago, we woke up one day to this little girl who only spoke sentences. Woody and buzz were exactly that, "Woody and Buzz.

One week ago, It took almost an hour to dress you because you spoke these words very clearly "I don't like that" to every option I presented you with.

Today, You celebrate your Second birthday. You are a sweet and charming little tot. You have lots of hearts in your hand. Daddy is your favorite person in the whole world. You have him wrapped around all 10 of your little fingers. You can speak over 200 words and most of the time you use them correctly ;) Happy Birthday Sweet little d! Thank you completing our family. Thank you for the memories both the sweet and the exhausting. Thank you for fufilling my dreams of having two daughters. Thank you for being you. Hope this birthday is an awesome one for you.

One month from now, we hope to say that little d has given up her bed time bottle :/


  1. She sure does have alot of hearts in her hand...Every single person at church loves her... Tell her Happy Birthday for me?

  2. So cute! Happy birthday little d!