Friday, January 22, 2010

7 points!

Friday I received big Ds report card. Her grades looked great, just as I had expected. She got a 96 in Reading/Lit. She got an 89 in math (up 5ish or so points from the last nine weeks). 95 in art, music, gym...83 for behavior! Yes, 83 in behavior! I almost fell in the floor! How in the world does a 7 year olds behavior drop 7 points in nine weeks?!?! That's almost a point per week!?!

Before I call, I always write a note and try to resolve the situation w/out going to the school and making it an even bigger deal. I wrote to Mrs. S and asked why in the world my childs behavior was almost a C?
Big D came home and told me that Mrs. S wasn't going to write a note to tell me, that she could just tell me herself...and she told me what she did to have her behavior grade drop seven points in 9 weeks. She said "I told another student her butt stinks." I said "and?" She said "and it was in front of another parent." I said "and?" She said "thats all." She told me the whole story. She and her friend "A" were joking and were trying to one-up the other. She thought it would be simply Hilarious if she were to yell it at her best friend when her mom came to pick her up...blah, blah...there still best friends.

Sadly, I didn't believe my own daughter, accused her of lying and demanded that Mrs.S send a note home or schedule a ptc. Today I received a note from Mrs. S, and this is what it said:

Kimberly, Devan is a sweet, precious, little girl. She is a good student and tries to do her best most of the time. We all make a decision to do something we wish we had done differently after the fact. That is what Devan has done. She said that she has told you about the main incident. I did not make a big deal out of it because it was the time that you were gone to Georgia. She handled that very well most of the time but once in a while it bothered her enough that she acted out school. I tried to give her lots of extra attention. Sometimes she doesn't know when to stop the silliness. She is well behaved and has obviously been taught how to act at school. Thank you very much. She is mannerly and plays well with the other kids. I understand your concern but I'm sure there won't be any more problems. If there are I will let you know. Thank you for your note, Mrs. S

...Okay, so one incident dropped my little girls grade 7 points??? One incident that happened because I was away and she missed me??? Nope! I don't think so! This grade will be up for debate Monday morning. She described my daughter as a model student and gave her an 83 for behavior? Jeez, what did the other kids get? Just sayin'

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  1. That does seem a bit off... I mean, really. 7 points? For that?


    I totally understand your thoughts here!