Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing my 3D's

I'm not sure how the bloggin introduction goes, but I thought I would introduce you to my 3D's.

I'll start with "big D". Devan, she's a mini-me, complete with the attitude and the short temper. She's the akward age of 7 and is in second grade. She loves weekends, littlest petshop, reading "chaper books", shoes, purses, and coordinating outfits with her little sis. She loves to wear dresses while playing in the mud. She's a pretty pink princess that fights off evil intruding dragons with her brother. Ooh, and my favorite part...shes a proud mommys girl.

Coming next in line would be "middle D". Dominick, our only son. Our poor little boy stuck in the middle of two girls. He is at the beautiful age of 5 and is in kindergarten. He loves school, watching movies, legos, eating junk food, and late bedtimes. He is a compulsive button pusher, rope puller, unwrapper, busy handed little boy. I think I tell him to keep his hands together as much as I tell him that I love him, and that is alot!

Last but definitely not least is "little D". Diamond our baby girl...well, yeah baby girl. She is at the curious/chatty age of 22 months. She enjoys Toy Story, Woody, Buzz, coloring woody and buzz, strolling woody and buzz around in her stroller, being Woody, wearing "woodys hat", giving woody and buzz bottles and puting them "night night"...I think you see where i'm going with this. There is one other thing is this world that captures little D's interest and that is Dancer, our new "kitty". She tries to make "kitty" watch "we and boze" with her, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. She also put "kitty" in her "we/boze" suitcase and zipped her up...didn't go over very well. Right now little D lives in a toy story world, we miss her and are anxiously awaiting her "return".

There you go, that's my 3d's in a nutshell. They are each so different in everyway, and I wouldn't have it any other.

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  1. Your kids are SO cute. They are just perfect!

    "Right now little D lives in a toy story world, we miss her and are anxiously awaiting her "return"." - Funniest line ever! I love it!