Thursday, January 28, 2010

3D Therapy

Today has been such an emotional day for me. I don't know why. I'm trying to figure it out. So far, nothing. I didn't feel like getting up today. I didn't feel like being a 3D Mommy. I didn't feel like existing. It was just one of those days, ya know?!

As I was listening to my darling d's all play together. I couldn't help but feel anything but pure happiness. I am so blessed. I am sooo lucky. I have three healthy D's. They're all so beautiful, and perfect in every way. God has given me such an amazing gift. So often do I take this beautiful gift for granted. So often do I sush them off to their bed rooms to "play quietly"....Any way, I decided to play along with them instead of shushing them off. And, it was so much fun. I feel like existing again. I want to be a mommy to my 3d's again. They are such great therapy. Here are some pics of my "therapy session".
My girly d's sportin' spongebob

Shes learning to be "scarry" from the best!

...Maybe he was a lil' too scarry... maybe from now on, we'll just be silly...

Yeah, sweet and silly ;)

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