Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She dressed herself

Little D obviously decided that she didn't like what I dressed her in. She was tired of wearing her clothes. They were no longer interesting. Also, mommy scolded her every time she took everything out of her own drawers. She thought she'd look through Middle D's clothes to see what he had. She had to dig through three drawers to find the perfect outfit!!!

She thought she had found the perfect one. She tried it on. She sorted through the rest of her many choices to make sure that she'd made the right decision. She narrowed it down to two vests and a pair of shorts.

After much debate, she decided that the one she was wearing was the perfect one. As she looked around while wearing her brand new outfit, she seen what a terrible mess she'd made. She thought she'd be nice and clean up the mess she made by putting his clothes back in his drawer nice and neat, just as she had found them. She is such a sweet and creative little girl *sigh*.

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