Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oklahoma....blahuuurrrppp all over the car!!!

Steven left to go to Y.O.U early this morning. It was just me and the kiddos and a whole bunch of ugly, cold rain. I hate rainy days! We decided to road-trip-it to Oklahoma!!! I don't know why, maybe it's because we've never traveled in that direction before. I packed a bag full of pop-tarts, brownies, marshmallows, apple juice, chips, diapers and napkins. Did you notice the last item??? Napkins??? Not wipes!!! What is wrong with me? How could I leave out such an important item? Since Steven was absent, I'll just blame it on him. We swung by the sweetest little lady in the world's (Miss Mary)house and picked her up for the ride. Off we went!!! When we were...i dunno...somewhere in the middle of no where...maybe in the middle of the reservation. Little D, uggh, threw up all over herself and the back seat. NAPKINS!!! I packed napkins?!?!?! There was no where to pull over, it was pouring freezing cold rain! I pulled over to assess the situation and it was worse than I had expected. Little d and her car seat needed a water hose! I got back in the car and drove for a couple of miles trying to find a gas station. Guess what? No such luck. I pulled over, got out in the pouring rain again and tried my best to clean her and her seat up as much as possible. Poor Miss Mary thought she was gonna be sick too :( She did her best to help me. She handed me all of her Kleenex's. Even the one she was using to cover her poor nose with. Thankfully I had a change of clothes for her, all except for socks and shoes anyway. We eventually ended up at our new destination, Wal-mart. We got everything we needed to clean and "disinfect" the car and went home. As soon as we got home I put a whole pack of wipes, a towel, a bag, and disinfecting wipes in the back of the car. We are "ready" for next time. By the way, she hadn't eaten any of the snacks I brought, so that wasn't what brought this on. I didn't take any pics of this disaster. I didn't want Miss Mary to think that I'd completely lost my mind. Napkins?!? I packed napkins?!?!

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