Tuesday, September 20, 2011

letter B

Little d and I went to the library for story time today.  She likes to call story time "class".  She thinks she's a big girl {maybe she is!..}.

Her "teacher", Mrs. C brought the letter "B".  She read books about animals that started with "B". She also had a blue bucket filled with items that started with "B".  She's got it going on.  Really!

Little d was hypnotized when she read Stella Luna.  I'm pretty sure it's her new favorite book.  She also did a little bit of art work...and proudly left with "homework".  She waited for the other d's to get home from school to start on it. ( :  Ya know, cuz she's such a big girl now.

little d can write her name!!! (:

After story time, we walked to the park.  Several other kiddos came to the park with us.  I'm pretty sure ld has a new best friend.  She calls him "Sams".  Ld and Sams practiced hanging upside down "Stella Luna" style.

"Mommy, I know what starts with "B"!  Bad guys and Batman!"  ~ld

Should I be worried that those are the words that she picked that started with "B"?  Or should I just be proud that she actually gets it?!  I don't know?!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!!!

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