Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just sayin'

 Dragon Slayers/Rescuers.  They live in my house.

It's weird.  I know.

They're always walking around looking for dragons to rescue or slay depending on the dragon...or the mood of the said slayer/rescuer.  When they aren't looking for dragons they become dragons.  They're always hungry or thirsty...begging for juice or Mt. Dew to be filled in their empty cups.  Mt. Dew is like cat nip for dragons ( :  They often beg and seldom receive....cuz we all know how cats act "on" cat nip.


Anyway, little d went to her first "story time" at our local library, today.  Her "story teller" read several books about apples.  She brought apples for the kiddos to eat and to paint.  She brought apples to paint apples with.  little d thought painting apples with apples was the coolest thing ever until she noticed a tiny speck of  green paint on her index finger....

...Girlfriend just about had another breakdown.

Mommy quickly came to the rescue and diaper wiped that tiny green speck off so quick that she almost forgot about it.  Little d later informed the story teller that she would bring her own paint brush next time cuz, painting apples with apples is a waste of "good apples"! {I love my child}

"Apples starts with "A".  So does "As-twid".  Mommy, I'm As-twid (Astrid)!  Astwid is a dragon killer!  That's Me!" ~ld

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


  1. I'm with Little d, painting with apples is a waste! You seem to have yourself a budding environmentalist...or a very frugal child! :)

  2. AS I recall.. I didnt like red piant on me as a little one...