Friday, January 28, 2011

100 Days

Today, Middle d and the rest of his school are celebrating their 100th day of school.  I can't honestly say that Middle d is celebrating though, he doesn't like school very much.  Well, that's not the complete truth either.

Lets try this again.  Today, Middle d is celebrating 100 school breakfasts, 100 school lunches, and 100 recesses at school.  That's about as honest as it gets!  He isn't the biggest fan of the actual structured classroom...or his teacher (he thinks she's a tattletale)...or anything having to do with class work.  He's more into playing and having fun!

Middle d's teacher asked all of the students to bring a hat to school with 100 things on it.  Um, weird!    100 "things" is alot of "things" when you have to put them on a hat!

I thought about macaroni noodles.  I changed my mind about that, I thought it was too easy.  100 pieces of flair?!...too many sticky pens...100 paper clips?! pieces of candy?!, he would probably just eat them before he got to school...100 wiggly eyes!?...Yesss!  100 wiggly eyes hot glued on to pom poms!....Yes! Yes! Yesss!

Here is our finished product:  Not too shabby : )

Middle d was a little too distracted to help me make the hat, but I did make him count all of the pom poms and all of the wiggly eyes!  I think he had alot of fun!

Up there ^ is a silly middle d with his 100 eyed hat!  And down there is a really bad picture of Middle d and his Mommy!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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