Thursday, January 20, 2011

Devans take on MLK Jr

When Big D got home from school a couple of days ago, I asked her if she learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  She said "Yep!"

So, I asked her to tell me about him.  And this is what she said:

Martin Luther King was a black man.  He had two white friends when he was little, but their mothers said they could not play with him because he was black.  He didn't understand what that had to do with playing.

They also believe that Martin was assinated by the same person who shot Abraham Lincoln.

ME:  John Wilkes Booth?!

Yes, Martin and Abraham were related.  They know they were related because they were both black and they were both assinated for trying to free the slaves...

ME:  Big D, Who was Abraham Lincoln?

The 16th president of the Untied States.

ME:  Who was the first black president?

Barak Oba.....Ohhhh.  Abraham Lincoln wasn't black.

Thanks alot Polk County Schools!  It's one thing not to celebrate the holiday.  It's another to sacrifice the education of my children in doing so!  Just sayin'

On a happier note, Big D lost another tooth last night.  AND the tooth fairy finally came to retrieve Middle ds tooth and while she was at it, she also picked up Big D's!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!

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