Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good-bye 2010

 Counting down the last twelve months and a few milestones along the way!

December, Middle d has a brand new framed face!

We were doing some home town sight seeing when some random crack head looking stranger asks us if we want her to take our picture.  Reluctantly, I turned my precious "Janis" over to her and she must have taken thirty pictures, turning Janis in every different direction and shooting from every possible angle...this was the best one...YIKES!  Thanks for the memory lady!


Sweet, sweet day with my family at Magic Screams.  The D's and myself went through every emotion possible that day.  Happy.  Excited.  Mad.  Hungry.  Nauseated.  Brave.  Scared to death!  You name it, we experienced it!

Soccer season.  I have to be the proudest soccer mom out there!  I'm currently counting down the weeks until not only Big D and Middle d start playing, but little d starts too!!  Oh, it's nine if you're wondering!

August.  Big D entered a whole new "bigger" school and started cheer leading!  That was a big mile stone for her!  She "detested it a little but loved it alot", so she's decided to give it a go again next year!  And me?  Well, I'm along for the ride!

I'm sure the D's and I will never forget this month-long-vacation in Georgia and North Carolina!  We packed up and headed "home"  for two weeks and ended up staying two extra!  During that time we traveled through five different states and drove over 30 hours!  Words fail me completely when I try to blog about this trip.  The picture below was taken in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at Dolly wood.  It's my favorite memory.  It was about 6:30 and the park was about to close for the day.  This was the last train ride of the day and the last day I spent with my mama while we were there.  We spent from sunrise to sunset at this park, were covered in  hot, sticky, July sweat, and we were exhausted!  Five minutes into this train ride and little d was fast asleep!

I think a more appropriate word for this season would be 'Swimming time' instead of summer.  It is what we do. I love to open the trunk and find mismatched floaties, empty bottles of sunblock, unopened Capri suns with missing straws, and wet towels that "don't really smell that bad"! lol!  To me, it's a sign that my children are just that, children.  It's a sign that I'm doing something right, even if it looks ALL wrong!  Are you with me?!  Hurry and come back summer!  We miss you really, really  bad!

This girl also turned eight in June.  I love her half of a tooth she has!


I traveled with my best friend and my little d to Pensacola, Florida to see her little(ish) girl.  This trip took over thirteen hours to drive!  We also crossed a thirty mile long bridge in Louisiana just so we could get to the other side and break down (in Baton Rouge).  The waitress at the restaurant we broke down at thought we were and treated us like a "couple" the whole time we were there, which was really, really awkward :/   We ended up making it to Pensacola eventually though, and we had a blast!

This Easter Sunday was so perfectly planned.  Only, I guess I was the only one planning, because it was gray, cloudy, and freezing!  Not to mention, little d was in desperate need for a nap.  Oh well, there's always next year.


Such a busy, busy birthday month for us!  Little d turned two...
 Daddy turned 23...

And Middle d turned six!


Middle d had his first valentine exchange this year!  Is it bad that I made him address every. single. one?!


I introduced my husband, my self, and my babies on my very first blog,  A day in my life as a 3D mommy!

What a FABULOUS year 2010 was!

Happy brand-new-shiny-2011 everyone!!!

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