Tuesday, February 1, 2011

spring in January

 I'm gonna start this post with a big 'ole

Praise the lord!!!

This weekend was an answer to a prayer!  I don't think I would've stood one more cold, dreary, gray Saturday in this house!  With promised temperatures well into the 70's, Steven and I packed up the D's and headed up the mountain for some good old fashioned cardio. : )

I didn't know how much fun it could be to go hiking with my own family!  This was a first for us, and we really enjoyed it!  These kids climbed to the top of every surface that was climbable.

Big D found a really big rock shaped like a triangle, or "twi-nangle" as little d would put it!  She wanted to take it home with her and was really disappointed when we told her that everything she found in the National Forest, stayed in the forest.  That child will horde anything!

The trip up the mountain sure was fun, but not as much fun as coming home and finding brand new baby goats in our driveway!  One of our neighbors nanny goats thought our driveway would be a good place to give birth!  It was amazing watching these wobbly little things try and try and eventually stand up and walk around!

This past weekend was a wonderful and very blessed one indeed!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

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